Records Manager

Our records management software a single, intuitive interface for physical and electronic Records Management to keep your business compliant.

Governance for physical and electronic records

Our records management software provides a central interface with advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records.

In Records Manager, administrators can set governance policies, retention periods, and disposition rules and monitor and enforce compliance without introducing burden or overhead for today’s busy knowledge professional user.

Seamless iManage Work integration

Control risk, reduce cost and increase user adoption with a consistent user experience.

Flexible Retention Policies

Retention policies can be applied to content in Work and Records Manager, as well as Windows file share and other systems.

Single policy control

Eliminate the need to control and manage records retention policies in multiple systems.


Increase productivity and insights

Role specific dashboards provide customized views of key metrics to quickly find relevant information from a modern web-based interface.

Automate Disposition 

Track and handle the end-to-end process of eligible content disposition to reduce risks and comply with regulations.

Provides comprehensive global management

Control physical and electronic records from desktop, tablet, or smartphone, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Advanced dashboards

Advanced dashboard capabilities provide end-users, records clerks, and records managers a more intuitive experience while delivering actionable, real-time views into a firm’s records management operations. Role-specific dashboards can be finely tuned for users’ needs.

Records Management Benefits

Unified governance

Administrators can set, monitor, and enforce governance policies consistently – including trigger events, retention periods, and disposition rules – allowing data to be effectively managed in place.

A platform geared toward risk management

Information governance approach attuned to the evolving landscape of risk and regulatory compliance requirements, including emerging privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Automate your disposition processing

  • Critical to have an established records retention policy.
  • Details the retention and destruction of documents and records maintained by any organization.
  • Over retention can create unnecessary risks, costs, and challenges.

Industry leading physical records management

  • Fully configurable warehouse management capabilities with hierarchical location types.
  • Track circulating items using barcodes.
  • Integrate with external warehouse vendors.

Safeguarding your sensitive information

A comprehensive, layered approach to security keeps sensitive documents and emails safe from external threat actors and internal misuse. Discover the many ways that iManage protects what matters to your business.

Records Manager Key Features

  • Only authorized records management application which seamlessly integrates with iManage Work.

  • Records are visible alongside documents and emails in iManage Work.

  • Reduces business risk with policy-based retention, archiving and disposition rules.

  • Integration with iManage Security Policy Manager provides need-to-know access controls to sensitive content across different departments and multiple teams.

  • Automatic declaration of records and assignment of retention policies improves user adoption.

  • Offers easy transition from legacy records management systems, such as LegalKEY and Elite 3E.

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