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Records Manager

Best-in-class records governance

iManage Records Manager enables organizations to adapt to a quickly changing regulatory landscape by offering a central interface to manage both physical and electronic records. Applying retention policies across multiple repositories in Records Manager helps enforce good governance practices, including automated, defensible disposition of content.

Unified governance

Improve visibility of all electronic and physical content across the organization by centralizing records management

Integrity and confidentiality

Minimize the risk of data exposure with consistent retention and disposition rules that enforce governance policies

Storage costs

Reduce costs associated with physical and digital storage by keeping only the records that must be retained

Compliant practices

Ensure existing document and records management practices are aligned with evolving regulatory compliance

User approvals

Allow staff to decide which records to hold or dispose of using consistent, intuitive approval workflows

Enhanced protection

Adopt and apply need-to-know access policies to sensitive documents via integration with iManage Security Policy Manager

Single policy control

Define and apply a single policy to records stored across multiple repositories, whether physical or electronic, eliminating the need to have separate policies for each system. 

Role-specific dashboards

User-based or privilege-based interfaces provide customized views of key metrics for end users and records managers. Tailor real-time views into the organization’s records management operations to your users’ needs.

Centralized management

iManage Records Manager governs content in place, whether it is physical records located in offices or offsite or electronic records across multiple repositories, such as iManage Work and Windows file shares.

With iManage Records Manager, work that would take hours to recreate in a spreadsheet is safe from getting corrupted, and the audit trail ensures we know who made any changes.

Nitza Medina-Garcia

Records and Information Management Consultant, InfoCompass

The web client integration lets our end users switch seamlessly from iManage Work into the iManage Records Manager, and the nicer looking UX makes it easier for them to view everything they have in the file plan.

Robert Vosters

Manager of Records and Information Compliance, Vedder Price

The policy service feature in Records Manager lets me apply matter lifecycle management to workspaces in iManage Work, versus training people and hoping they do the right thing.

Robert Vosters

Manager of Records and Information Compliance, Vedder Price

Policy-based automation

An organization can use automated policy-based content retention, archiving, and disposition to set governance policies, retention periods, and disposition rules that apply consistently to both physical and electronic content. A detailed log of all events is available in the audit history.

Declare as record

While users follow their normal workflow, Records Manager ensures that their filed documents are automatically declared as records in iManage Work and that retention policies are applied to all new content with no additional effort.

Platform integration

iManage Records Manager is the only authorized records management application that seamlessly integrates with iManage Work. Additional integration with iManage Security Policy Manager provides need-to-know access controls to sensitive content across different departments and multiple teams. 


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Yes. iManage Records Manager integrates seamlessly with iManage Work 10 in the Cloud. 

Yes. Records Manager is an add-on service to your iManage Cloud subscription. Please consult with your iManage Account Executive for details and pricing.

Yes. You can manage and review configured rules and approvals on mobile devices.

Yes. Combining Security Policy Manager with Records Manager and the native security provided by iManage Work enables organizations to benefit from comprehensive security and governance across the information lifecycle. 

Records Manager has an intuitive interface that enables non-technical staff within the Records team to create and configure rules in the software after it is implemented. 

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