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Customer Stories

Ferrier Hodgson goes paperless with iManage Records Manager

Ferrier Hodgson is a leading financial advisory firm specializing in restructure, turnaround, and insolvency.

Ferrier Hodgson was one of the first companies to move to the Work 10 interface, and this change made it easy to train new staff, wherever they might be working.

Transitioning to a paperless office, iManage Records Manager enabled the firm to digitize their records. This saved money the company previously spent on storing physical documents.

And finally, with iManage Threat Manager, IT staff can take a closer look at the organization's cybersecurity requirements.

Looking ahead

The company recognizes that moving to cloud will enable its IT resources to shift focus from looking after infrastructure to delivering solutions for the business. Accordingly, plans for the move from on-premises to iManage Cloud are on the horizon.






iManage Work 10 

iManage Threat Manager

iManage Records Manager


  • Promotes paperless office
  • Simplified training
  • Security threat monitoring 

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