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Transforming how
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combining artificial intelligence, security and risk mitigation with market leading document and email management

Digital transformation for professional services

Relied on by more than 1 million professionals worldwide

2500+ Professional Service Firms
250+ Financial Service Organizations
120+ Government Agencies

Introducing iManage Work 10

Designed by users to work the way they work.

iManage Work 10 is the first document and email management application designed with input from hundreds of professional services users and enhanced with AI-based smart features that boost productivity.

Access it all in the cloud or on-premises

The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud architecture designed to support the unique needs of professional work product management. Users can work effectively on high or low bandwidth connections and even when disconnected. iManage Cloud delivers an optimized user experience when working with large files, fully secured and back-up across a network of worldwide data centers. Proven deployment methodology, annual subscription pricing and rapid onboarding all increase your organization's agility.

  • Simplifying security for the legal CISO

    According to Deloitte, the CISO has a more strategic role than ever. Employees take risks in day-to-day working practice, malicious behavior raises threats and human error causes data loss. Learn how to deliver a security strategy that will automatically prevent people acting outside policy, monitor the enterprise for internal and external threats, and protect the organization and its clients’ data.

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  • The Power of Understanding: Artificial Intelligence in the Legal World

    AI can be a real advantage for today’s lawyers having to deal with the exponential rate of legislative evolution and technological change. Read this paper to learn how.

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Who uses iManage?

iManage is used globally by more professionals than any other work product management system. Today 3,000 companies and over 1 million professionals depend on iManage to get work done. But how can we help you? Choose your industry to learn more.

iManage: a people-focused company.

After announcing a management buyout from Hewlett-Packard, iManage became the largest independent software company focused exclusively on professional work product management.

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Listening, innovating, delivering.

In July 2015, as a result of a management buyout from Hewlett Packard, iManage became the largest independent software company focused exclusively on professional work product management. Since then, we’ve met with clients in dozens of countries. We listened when people explained how their work has changed. Now, we’re delivering dramatically improved versions of key products alongside enhanced support services. The new iManage is a reflection of this people-first process. We are constantly exploring ways to facilitate today’s modern professional.

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