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Solutions for Accounting Firms

iManage empowers accounting firms to manage their client’s financial information efficiently and securely, while driving improved productivity and collaboration.

All 4

of the Big Four Accounting firms


Banking and Financial Services customers


of Fortune 100 corporations


Corporate customers worldwide


Accounting and professional services firms work with proprietary and confidential client data at enterprise scale. They have sophisticated requirements for saving, sharing, and securing the documents and emails at the core of their business. They need document-centric workflows and easy access to historical context, all while ensuring regulatory compliance and auditability. Traditional content platforms often cannot meet these specific requirements, particularly around the security and governance of highly regulated content. 

iManage is relied on by each of the Big 4 accounting firms—along with more than 100 other accounting firms worldwide—to manage documents and emails more efficiently, with industry-leading security and governance protections.

Maximize productivity while empowering knowledge workers to deliver their best work

Collaborate effectively and bring teams together to co-author work and share their knowledge

Protect information assets and reduce risk with comprehensive, industry-leading security and governance

Create, access, edit, and share documents from anywhere, on any device, while maintaining secure oversight and compliance

Remove data silos to transform individual knowledge into institutional knowledge that becomes best practice

Deliver a modern and intuitive user experience that engages employees and increases adoption

Video case study

We started fresh with iManage

“iManage just works,” says Daniel Denton, IT Director of Menzies, a full-service accountancy. After poor adoption led to the replacement of the prior DMS, Denton says users now achieve what they want for their clients with iManage. 

iManage Cloud solves the information fragmentation problem that multi-office firms face. It brings important files, regardless of location, together in one system of record, enabling our staff to work quickly and efficiently to service our clients across geographies and work groups. Beyond the productivity and collaboration gains we expect, a secure platform like iManage Cloud ensures all of our confidential documents are properly looked after – allowing us to confidently address regulations like GDPR.

Daniel Denton

IT Director, Menzies

The move to iManage Work 10 has paid off for us more than three times over. Higher productivity makes us more competitive and increases our revenue growth — which we’ve seen.

Mike Peters

ECM & Information Management Manager, RSM Australia

RSM saved $500K when we first implemented the changes and added $1.41M in savings from the automation initiative that included iManage Work 10. And we are just getting started.

Paul Joseph

CIO, RSM Australia

We realized we had been spending 14 percent of our time just filing and looking for things — 2,400 personnel hours a month. With iManage, we reduced that by 75 percent.

Colin Gin

Asst. General Counsel, Asian Development Bank

The Knowledge Work Maturity ModelTM

An industry-first research study to understand knowledge work maturity and the strategies it takes to unlock better business outcomes. This independent study by Metia provides decision-makers, leaders, owners, partners, or investors in a knowledge work organization with a clear set of priorities to build future value.

Modern Businesses Run On Knowledge

Modern businesses that run on knowledge need proven tools to help them work productively, work collaboratively, and keep their work secure. Learn why iManage is the leader in this space, with its cloud-native, AI-powered knowledge work platform, extensive partner ecosystem, and customer-driven approach to helping customers achieve better business outcomes.

Hot topics and takeaways: Making knowledge work for accountancy

Boiling down the key issues, challenges, and tech trends in the accountancy world – from what the new generation expects from their careers to the benefits and risks of generative AI. 

Accountants need a modern document management system

With such an important role to play, selecting a document management system is serious business. You need to partner with a provider who knows its stuff, and is trusted by its customers. Discover some of the fundamental advantages the iManage platform can bring to an accountancy firm of any size. 


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Yes. The iManage cloud platform leverages operational services and infrastructure built on Microsoft Azure and incorporates major elements of cloud-native architecture. This includes microservices, containerization, and automation capabilities that drive improved performance, security, and agility across the platform.  

Yes, iManage Work includes the industry-leading email management solution, with seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook and powerful tools to improve how email content is saved and secured across your organization.

Anyone who works with a high volume of documents can benefit from the iManage platform, particularly knowledge workers in highly regulated or security-conscious industries like banking, finance, accounting, or healthcare. 

iManage offers comprehensive industry-leading security protections for all content saved in our cloud platform. We are trusted by some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations to protect their high-value confidential content.  

Yes, iManage Work includes the industry-leading email management solution, with seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook and powerful tools to improve how email content is saved and secured across your organization. 

Making Knowledge Work

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