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Better Together with Microsoft

Modern work empowers your teams

The iManage partnership with Microsoft enhances modern work with frictionless productivity for knowledge professionals. Together we create a seamless user experience in a reliable, trusted cloud platform to achieve greater productivity, collaborate more effectively, work more securely and build innovative solutions for our customers.

Be agile

Improve organizational performance and access to innovation, enabling customers to scale as business requirements dictate.

Stay secure

Augmented with Microsoft Azure services, iManage creates a safe place to work with security and governance. 

Work your way

Deliver frictionless work experiences that enhance productivity and support anytime, anywhere work within Microsoft 365.

Collaborate securely

Easily collaborate across iManage Work and Microsoft Teams where chats and content remain secure and governed.

Seamless integration

Streamline work with access to iManage client, project, or matter-centric information, as well as email and other documents from within Microsoft applications such as Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Transformed co-authoring

Real-time editing and discussion alongside the editing process turns collaborative working into co-production. Documents can be co-owned, and differences resolved near real time with full audit trails of edited versions and journaling to preserve all work. 

Unparalleled security

iManage capabilities in policy-based security with the ability to manage, govern, and audit content and all actions around it augmented with Microsoft Azure services ensures customers have unrivalled confidence that their organization and content is secure.

Innovation accelerator

This partnership brings about advancements in productivity, workflow management, collaborative working and security. Innovation in these key areas makes work easier surfacing key information and resources allowing the collective knowledge to be leveraged.


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Matter-centric mindset in a Microsoft environment

“The things that matter to law firms also matter to us,” says Ben Polhill, Tech Project Manager, Legal IT at Barclays. The extra layer of security and governance with iManage helps the bank work safely and collaborate more freely. 

Learn more about Microsoft

iManage and Microsoft deliver the modern workplace (iManage + MSFT Teams)

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iManage and Microsoft deliver the modern workplace (iManage + MSFT Teams: Co-authoring)

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iManage and Microsoft Teams - Better Together

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The iManage partnership with Microsoft supports seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft teams enabling collaboration and productivity across commonly used applications all while maintaining the highest levels of security.

The iManage Outlook integration ensures a seamless experience across both iManage and Outlook ensuring your communications and content are stored and accessed together so context is never lost. Users can access all the capabilities in iManage from the Outlook panel eliminating context switching so they can remain focused and productive.  Context aware email management enables suggested filing so all content and communications can be stored together with a single click.

The iManage Cloud leverages Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft Azure supports datacenters across the globe allowing iManage to meet our customers needs regardless of where they are located.

iManage has multiple connectors available in the Microsoft Power Automate platform. Customers interested in automating tasks can leverage these connectors.

Documents and workflows are central to the work of many organizations. Microsoft and iManage are two of the key investments that organizations can make to drive productivity and security. The iManage and Microsoft partnership enables companies to build on best-in-class integrations to meet the user where they are, delivering new, frictionless experiences that enhance productivity and support anytime, anywhere work — while maintaining the world-leading security and governance the market demands.

The iManage partnership with Microsoft allows native co-authoring with the rich suite of functionality users expect. Colleagues can work on documents simultaneously while the content remains governed in the iManage DMS. With journaling there is a complete audit trail of all changes and edits so the document owners always have visibility to what is being changed and by whom. Colleagues can input questions and get immediate responses, turning the work into a co-production.

Making Knowledge Work

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