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Access from anywhere

iManage Mobility enables users to access documents and work securely from anywhere, and on any device. With mobile-first design and the comprehensive security protections of the iManage platform, the Mobility app allows users to transition from their desktop to their smartphone or tablet without sacrificing productivity or security. 

Seamless user experience

With iManage Work allows users to pick up work where they left off.

Mobile-first design

Access to the tools users need on their smartphones and mobile devices via intuitive mobile-first design.

Powerful Mobility functionality

Knowledge workers can access, edit, search, and share documents from anywhere

Protect enterprise data

With precise device access control and security policy management via Microsoft Intune. 

Seamless Experience

The Mobility app mirrors the iManage Work experience, with a consistent look and toolset, so users can easily transition between devices. The application remembers user settings and work in progress, so users can quickly pick up where they left off.

Mobile First

The Mobility experience is optimized for the way people use smartphones, and the tasks that knowledge workers need to accomplish on the go. Users can quickly and intuitively access, edit, search, or share documents, and stay connected to their work. 

Comprehensive Security

The Mobility application offers the same comprehensive security protections that are built into the iManage platform. With precise device access control and security policy management via Microsoft Intune or other leading vendors, iManage ensures that applications and data are compliant, protected, and secure, at enterprise scale. 

Everything at your fingertips, secure and accessible to the right people at the click of a button whether you’re on a tablet, mobile phone, or personal computer, is a business case that all leaders understand well.

Joe Fousek

CIO, Bond Schoeneck & King

Performance. Making sure documents are quick to load, download, view, and operate on, and that it’s the same experience in a small office or a big office, on the road, wherever you are, that's iManage.

Jeff Westcott

Director, Lawyer Productivity Solutions, Clifford Chance

Faruqi & Faruqi switched to iManage to take advantage of their secure cloud platform and mobile access, so our attorneys can stay focused on their clients.

Alex Coviello

Director of Information Technology, Faruqi & Faruqi

With iManage Work 10 in the Cloud, we're working faster, collaborating better, and delivering better client services. We have achieved greater stability and mobility with iManage.

Joseph Escobio

CIO, Klinedinst Law

“When the users started work on Monday, they couldn't tell that they weren't on premises. I even had a few attorneys contact me and say, ‘Hey, did we actually move to the cloud? Because the performance is as good as it was on premises."
David Melczer
Director of IT


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Yes, the iManage Mobility app creates a secure workspace where you can review and edit content with full security protections. 

iManage is a trusted Mobility solution provider to hundreds of highly regulated and security conscious organizations and businesses, including global leaders in law, banking, finance, consulting, and healthcare.

The Mobility app can be used on any (iOS) smartphone or mobile device. 

The Mobility app mirrors the iManage Work experience, but there are a number of specific features that set the experience apart from using iManage Work via a web browser. These include rich sorting and filtering capabilities that enable you to see content the way you want to on your device and the ability to remember your settings so you can pick up where you left off.

Your employer may require that you use the Mobility app for particular work-related activities, but iManage does not require you to use Mobility.

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