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iManage is full of talented and ambitious people who are committed to doing their best work to Make It Mean Something.

Your career with us

iManage is a place where everybody is encouraged to be their best self, work hard, and have fun. We are a diverse team of thinkers, innovators, technologists, and creatives who all share one common goal. Whoever you are, whatever you do, however you work. Make it mean something at iManage.

We'd love to welcome you to our ever-growing team and support us in fulfilling our proposition of Making Knowledge Work™.

The heart of our organization

With teams across the globe iManage invests in creating meaningful places to work with productive environments, as well as being committed to the importance of building a family community that also knows how to have fun.

Our cultural promise to you

We are committed to creating an organization where everyone can thrive. We have four key cultural promises we set out to deliver to all our employees so they can achieve individual enduring value, while also giving back to others.

Win and excel

Make progress. Be innovative. Make something better together. Be Best-in-Class. Achieve our vivid future.

Promote humanism

Realize that work is more than a paycheck, an important part of living and growing. Have a positive impact on families and our commitment.

Build a great workplace

Amplify the abilities of employees and help them do their best work. Attract the best talent. Create a place where everyone thrives.

Create enduring value

Value creation that endures for all stakeholders. Build a company of historical significance to the global economy.

Our flexible time off policy had a big impact on my family and I this year. Due to the upheaval in our lives, I needed more time to spend on our move and then when we had relocated, I had the time to spend with my young children to ensure they had the emotional support they needed after having undertaken a life-changing event. 

Olive Buckley

Our flexible time off policy has allowed me to travel to new places across the globe! Traveling is something that brings me joy and has a wide range of benefits, both for personal growth and well-being. Exploring new countries has exposed me to different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds and has broadened my perspective on the world. 

Sarah Pung

iManage has managed to attract and retain some of the most talented but genuinely kind and authentic people around. People who are passionate about the products and services they offer…people who are zealous advocates for the success of their customers and partners… people who supported me while I learned my way around new products in a new role 

Lucy Melendrez Diaz 

Many people don’t know that I have held a number of positions across the organization in nearly every department. Some of these roles were my idea, but other times I was presented with the opportunity to try a new role that I accepted with a certain level of skepticism and worry. But in hindsight, I can confidently say that I would not be as effective a leader as I am today without having had these growth opportunities

Neil Araujo

The team is awesome, and it’s a relaxed environment. Even in stressful situations that arise when dealing with an enterprise application being used in the real world – you know you are all in it to solve a problem together. Every day I am learning, but I’m still able to do some of the troubleshooting components in my position. I get to be more proactive in anticipating issues and solving them before they reach our customers.   

Justin Graham

Ultimately, I love the work that I do because every day is something new and exciting, I have a real sense of ownership over my work and I know that the product we're building is going to be a game-changer to the knowledge search industry!  

Alex Macpherson

My manager is invested in not just my professional goals, but also my personal goals. This is the first time I've ever experienced that care and investment in me as a person, not just an employee, from a Manager.  

John Citta

iManage strongly believes women is needed in technology and promotes women empowerment, ensuring their career growth which is essential for creating long-term bond with employees. Immensely proud of the way company fosters diversity and encourages women to take more risks and opportunities 

Smitha Handique

This team is filled with easygoing and passionate engineers, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn new things at your own pace while taking pride in the work you put in. We value innovation and out of the box thinking to solve business problems and identify opportunities for technology to evolve – it is about curiosity, creativity, and a commitment to excellence in an everchanging environment. At iManage, you will make your mark on a collaborative team while developing your passions and having fun along the way! 

Emerson Lackey

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We would love for you to bring your expertise, knowledge, and personality to our diverse team. To find your next career move, simply browse our current roles below.

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71 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60606
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+1 (312) 382-1753 (Fax)


1 Phipp Street
London EC2A 4PS
+44 203 879 6080 (Main)
+44 120 724 0044 (Support)


Concourse Two
Queens Road
Belfast BT3 9DT
+44 203 879 6080


Infinix Pearl
17/2, 2nd floor, Industrial Layout
Jakkasandra, 3rd Block
Bangalore 560034

San Francisco

180 Montgomery St
Bldg Main Flr 15, Rm 1580
San Francisco, CA, 94104

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1230 Midas Way
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Sunnyvale, CA  94085


171 East Liberty Street
Suite 300
Toronto, ON M6K 3P6


Bay 6, Middlemiss Street
Lavender Bay
Sydney, NSW 2060