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The iManage Platform – Security

Comprehensive security to protect your vital assets

iManage makes it easy for end users to be productive, while Security teams can be sure content is compliant and secure. Our platform delivers a single view of the information your specialists need to detect and protect against new threats.

Robust Data Protection

Protect your valuable information with end-to-end security that governs the platform, people and content.

Operate securely

Leave day-to-day information governance and compliance to specialized solutions that embed security everywhere you work.

Be proactive

24/7 monitoring and intelligent governance helps detect abnormal activity  across your data repositories.

Cultivate productivity

Empower users to work with the information they are allowed to access, whenever, wherever.

Fortified architecture security

Zero Trust and Zero Touch principles provide strict access controls to prevent unauthorized access and data loss. Innovative automation techniques create a completely hands-off, zero-contact environment so your sensitive information remains protected from all threats.

Industry-leading certifications

iManage has achieved the highest levels of security and compliance certifications to protect your firm with the latest industry-leading security practices. You can confidently meet clients’ growing security requirements and easily demonstrate compliance.

Services-oriented architecture

Redundant, multi-level security architecture reduces the potential impact of any attack by disbursing the surface area  of the platform across many services. Adding layers of protection further disrupts an attacker from gaining access to your content.

Advanced data encryption

Document encryption is applied by default for all content uploaded to iManage. Encryption keys remain private and stored separately from content, so even if an unauthorized individual were to bypass primary defenses that information remains locked.

Need-to-know protection

Fine-tune access to data with robust security tools that reduce the risk of data exposure. Granular, user-based access controls allow access to specific applications, repositories or individual documents and emails ensuring collaborators exchange information safely and securely.

Reduced operational complexity

Running security applications in the iManage cloud-native environment allows you to fully leverage 24/7 monitoring, meet regional and jurisdictional data requirements and employ advanced security features reducing operational costs and the need to hire specialists.


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Yes, a cloud DMS with Zero Trust security is essential in today's environment of heightened cyber threats. iManage provides such a solution, ensuring rigorous authentication and continuous validation of all access requests. This approach not only enhances security but also supports compliance and enables seamless, secure access for remote workforces. By integrating Zero Trust, iManage offers a scalable, flexible, and less complex IT infrastructure that grows with your business needs, keeping your documents safe without sacrificing productivity.

The iManage Cloud service is a scalable multi-tenant solution built on a secure, high-availability, modern platform architecture. IManage employs a dedicated security team that protects our organization and our customers’ information.

iManage is certified and independently audited for the following standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 22301, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 2+, SOC 3 and CSA STAR Level 2 (Gold Level).

Annual SOC 2/SOC 2+/SOC 3, CSA Star, and ISO 27001 audits are conducted in the first quarter of each calendar year to ensure continued compliance with these standards.

iManage takes care of a lot of the administrative process, like vulnerability management and patching.  Your IT team needs to understand their day-to-day responsibilities on how to keep the data that is accessed by users secure, leveraging their existing skills.

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