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The iManage Platform – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Empower your teams with trusted AI services

Improve productivity and mitigate risk with AI built natively into the iManage knowledge work platform. Based on our deep experience in artificial intelligence, iManage AI empowers customers to improve productivity, drive additional value from knowledge assets, and protect against security risks.

Leverage expertise

Dramatically improve knowledge search and enable users to access, re-use and share best practices. 

Boost productivity

Automate content workflows and reduce mundane, tedious tasks so teams operate at their best.

Improve work product

Reduce drudgery so users can focus on higher-value activities that better support business goals.

Reduce risk

Leveraging AI within the iManage platform means content is never exposed and remains governed and protected.

Trusted platform

Achieving business benefits requires the right partner. iManage AI, built natively in the iManage Cloud platform, leverages years of deep expertise in artificial intelligence and governance to ensure your content is protected and results provide answers.

Document classification and enrichment

iManage AI automatically analyzes and extracts key data points and saves that information with documents, allowing users to find responses that are relevant, accurate, and built on the best work product available at the organization.

Mailbox assistant

Automate necessary but tedious tasks with the iManage email assistant that automatically files emails in the proper folder. Using AI, it learns from behaviors and patterns, ensuring your inbox filing is accurate, up-to-date, and compliant.

Augmented expertise

iManage AI automates critical knowledge preservation. iManage AI analyzes, assesses, and automatically applies metadata to the content created within existing workflows making work product accessible to others, ensuring institutional knowledge is leveraged across the organization.

Ask iManage

Augment knowledge work using AI on curated data sets to yield the best results and reduce hallucinations. Grounded in context, Ask iManage adheres to ethical walls and content security so you get answers with confidence.

Robust governance

iManage AI includes tools to control the engine’s access to content reducing the risk of breaching client confidentiality. The AI engine analyzes documents in the customer's own data resource, ensuring complete confidentiality and compliance with ethical and regulatory obligations.


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The iManage platform leverages AI enabled technology and as it continues to mature the platform will continue to leverage AI securely and effectively. iManage is committed to staying the course with the same thoughtful, ethical, and effective approach the company has taken since we entered the AI landscape with the acquisition of RAVN Systems in 2017. The knowledge work industries that we serve will continue to be the beneficiaries of this measured approach.

AI is leveraged throughout the iManage platform from detecting anomalous behavior with threat detection to automating signature pages and closing books.  Document classification and enrichment and email fling assistance are additional AI enabled capabilities in the platform. 

A solution that enables knowledge work organizations to manage content — from governance and compliance to proper disposition — underpins and supports the adoption of effective AI-enabled technologies. Algorithms feed on data. Clean data, selectively combined with the finest work product, in a single repository, means AI technologies can access the highest quality content, yielding the best results. It is imperative to have a single platform that allows knowledge workers to access the latest thinking, quickly share information, coauthor documents, and collaborate on work product. Via iManage, AI can be leveraged effectively.

Making Knowledge Work

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