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The Company

Meet the Team

In an industry where change is the only constant, complex professional issues require thoughtful, well-considered actions and strong, effective leadership. iManage leaders come together with the passion, skill, imagination, and deep experience needed to produce the best outcomes for customers, employees, and investors. But while our mission lies in freeing people from the mundane to focus on meaningful work, the imperative to build a culture where all can thrive carries equal weight. The leadership team at iManage is centered on supporting both.

With our growing teams and evolving technology, iManage continues to push the limit of how we can serve our customers and deliver on our founding vision, to ensure that every knowledge worker is more productive, more secure, and more effective as a result of what we do. For iManage to contribute to meaningful and impactful work while cultivating a workplace where all employees can thrive, that is the definition of success.

Neil Araujo

CEO and co-founder, iManage