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Task & Workflow Management

Improve visibility, reduce risk

Task & workflow management solutions are designed to empower knowledge workers to take control of their work. 

Workflow Automation

Systematize and automate steps to enhance efficiency and minimize errors.

Productivity Benefits

Reap gains through organization, consolidation, and automation tools.

Empowering Knowledge Workers

Enables users to take control of their work effectively.

Task Management

Organize tasks, files, and documentation for improved visibility and collaboration.

iManage Tracker

For knowledge workers, document management systems and task management tools have typically been two separate platforms, requiring manual linking and rekeying—until now.

  • Project-centric organization
  • Reduce manual re-keying
  • Works where you work
“Streamlined processes are the main thing everyone is striving for. You can use iManage Tracker to monitor case progress or to hand off or delegate tasks as required.”
Agnes Święcka
Legal Advisor

Making Knowledge Work

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