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Improve visibility, reduce risk

iManage Tracker is the first and only task management application fully integrated with iManage Work 10. Tracker is designed to empower knowledge workers to take control of their work and reduce context switching. With Tracker, users can organize tasks and content, improve visibility, and reduce risk. By using Tracker, knowledge workers can be more productive, collaborative, and secure.


Keeps documents, emails, and tasks organized by client, matter, and/or project


Natively embedded with both iManage Work and Microsoft Outlook


Provides both a high-level and detailed overview of all tasks for better visibility into work

Save time

Reduces time lost on manual re-keying and standardizes team processes with pre-populated lists


Governs tasks and access with need-to-know security to protect sensitive information


Reduces context switching for improved productivity 

Enhanced task visibility

Organize all tasks by matter, client, or project; and have immediate visibility from any platform with iManage Work.

One-click access

Link directly from a task to relevant documents or email messages stored in iManage.

Product integration

Reduce time looking for tasks or documents thanks to full integration with Microsoft Outlook and iManage Work.

Streamlined processes are the main thing everyone is striving for. You can use iManage Tracker to monitor case progress or to hand off or delegate tasks as required.

Agnes Święcka

Legal Advisor at Svensson Nøkleby

We believe iManage Tracker will be a great help in giving us a good overview and enabling us to get things done faster, without spending time creating and maintaining to-do lists.

Katrine Gilleece

Business Developer, Svensson Nøkleby

Tracker was a no-brainer for us.

Shawn Curran

Head of Legal Technology, Travers Smith

Dynamic workflows

Manage review and approval, identify any roadblocks, and view project status.

Easy task creation

Convert emails into tasks with simple drag and drop, so assignments are visible in the task list, and nothing gets missed.

Trustworthy security

Prevent unintended disclosure of sensitive information with need-to-know security and ethical walls.

“Streamlined processes are the main thing everyone is striving for. You can use iManage Tracker to monitor case progress or to hand off or delegate tasks as required.”
Agnes Święcka
Legal Advisor


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IManage Tracker is available exclusively in the iManage Cloud.

Absolutely! Tracker accepts task lists in CSV format. The template is available in our online documentation. This makes it easy to export from an alternative task management tool and into Tracker.

Definitely – our Outlook integration is core to the value of Tracker, as is the native integration with iManage Work 10.

Unlike typical task management tools, iManage Tracker works where lawyers work: in their email inbox and iManage Work. Rather than switching between apps and rekeying—risking errors—Tracker makes task management inherent to email and document management workflows.

Making Knowledge Work

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