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Empower every knowledge worker

iManage Drive empowers every knowledge worker with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to the iManage platform. It offers a consistent and secure way to store, search, and access files from anywhere, even when offline. And because Drive looks and feels like a shared network drive, users can jump right in with zero training needed.

Work offline

Work your way, anywhere, taking documents or workspaces offline and syncing changes automatically when you reconnect.

Improve security and governance

Capture and secure 100% of your critical business information in iManage.

Eliminate risk

Eradicate risk associated with documents and emails that employees save on unsecured drives.

Empower collaboration

Improve knowledge management and content reuse by eliminating information silos.

Boost knowledge accessibility

Enhance the value of your information assets by making them more searchable and shareable in iManage Work.


Achieve broader adoption by engaging workers with a familiar, intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Drive Productivity

Knowledge workers are instantly productive because the iManage Drive interface is designed to look and feel like a Windows Explorer network drive.

Onboard quickly

Install Drive easily in two minutes without IT support and get started saving documents right away with zero training.

Work flexibly

Remote or hybrid workers enjoy greater flexibility in saving their content in Drive, with its high-speed performance and modern user experience.

iManage Drive is very useful when we have limited access to the internet. Wi-Fi can be patchy on flights or in court, and it's important that we can always access what we need.

Heinrich Kuhnert

Partner at DORDA

With iManage Drive, users that might have been hesitant to use a document and email management system can take advantage of the power and security of iManage through a familiar interface.

Ross Forgione

CIO, Johnson Winter & Slattery

We needed to access our data to help our clients recover, rebuild, and get their businesses and their lives back on track. iManage Share and Drive allowed us to do that quickly and efficiently.

Melvin Evans

Director of Information Technology, Hand Arendall Harrison Sale  

Single source of truth

On the fully integrated iManage platform, Drive users can access, edit, and save their documents directly into iManage Work. 

Stay secure

Like all iManage products, Drive is designed to provide the highest levels of protection and compliance, with comprehensive security and governance.

Do more

Power users will appreciate Drive tools that allow them to rename files in bulk, leverage OLE links between files, work with zip files, and upload files to third-party apps.

“We needed to access our data to help our clients recover, rebuild, and get their businesses and their lives back on track. iManage Share and Drive allowed us to do that quickly and efficiently.”
Melvin Evans
Director of Information Technology


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No, iManage Drive is available for on-premises customers as well as customers who are on the iManage Cloud platform.

Drive is designed to work as an interface into the iManage document management system, so a customer would need to be a licensed iManage user. 

Yes, Drive enables users to take documents, folders, or entire workspaces offline, complete their work, then sync automatically when they reconnect. Users can work productively in courtrooms, on long flights, or other situations where they are not connected to wifi.

iManage offers comprehensive industry-leading security protections for all content saved in our cloud platform. We are trusted by some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations to protect their high-value confidential content.

Making Knowledge Work

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