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The iManage Cloud

Delivers the Modern Workplace

The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to collaborate and be productive from anywhere, on any device, safely and securely. Our unique cloud-native platform is secure, reliable, and performant making it the industry’s preferred platform for knowledge professionals.

Cultivate efficiency

Relieve tech teams of non-essential duties so they can concentrate on important business functions.

Accelerate innovation

Be agile and leverage advanced technologies and new services supported by a trusted partner.

Advance security

Reap the benefits of the highly resilient, secure cloud native platform.

Work anywhere

Access to secure content from anywhere allows productivity anywhere, at any time.

Designed to be Cloud Native

iManage has invested in developing a platform from the ground up that leverages the most innovative cloud technologies. This means no downtime for upgrades and patches, plus cutting-edge security and immediate access to the latest advancements.

Comprehensive security protections

Cloud security built on Zero Touch and Zero Trust architecture, with leading ISO certifications, affords the strongest possible protection of your vital information meeting the most stringent security requirements.

Enhanced business agility

Highly scalable and extensible with predictable costs that match your business requirements, the iManage Cloud removes IT complexity so you can focus on your business, not your tech.

Modern platform

Leveraging the latest cloud technologies, end users have an intuitive user experience, integration with key applications and the freedom to collaborate, access, and exchange information, anywhere, any time and on any device.


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The iManage Cloud supports a large partner ecosystem with over 200 technology partners and 300 commercial applications ensuring a seamless integration with key business applications. 

Yes. Our unique cloud-native platform is secure, reliable, and performant, making it the industry’s preferred platform for knowledge professionals.

The iManage Cloud has a global footprint in order to ensure global data storage and processing compliance. 

iManage Cloud supports a modern mobile experience with a consistent Work interface and tools to manage device access protecting the content while allowing seamless productivity.

iManage Zero Trust architecture delivers cutting edge security protections with customer-specific encryption capabilities to meet the most stringent security requirements.

iManage governs and secures access to all content and communications taking a programmatic approach to security. The platform can detect internal and external threats using AI and behavioral modeling to identify unusual behavior quickly and accurately. Ethical walls secure sensitive data to relevant users or groups easily without compromising productivity and collaboration.

Making Knowledge Work

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