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Threat Manager

Detect unusual behavior, quickly

iManage Threat Manager detects malicious behavior, intervenes to prevent data loss and delivers usage analytics to address regulatory compliance and information governance needs. 

Employing both AI based and manual criteria-based threat detection, Threat Manager continuously monitors anomalous activity, providing smart alerts to secure critical knowledge work. Its comprehensive usage analytics and reporting capabilities allow organizations to demonstrate compliance and satisfy the most rigorous regulatory audits.

Detect and neutralize

Safeguard critical knowledge work by detecting and neutralizing threats to protect sensitive information

Ensure compliance

Monitor organizational policies and client mandates by tracking users not filing documents to the iManage Work 

Reduce risk

Mitigate data breaches associated with high-risk users such as outgoing employees and contractors

Maximize resources

Focus attention on the alerts most likely to be fraud-related

Rapid response

Meet client obligations by quickly and easily producing evidence of the controls that protect their sensitive information

Easily integrate

Integrate iManage Work-based alerts with the organization’s IT security stack

Advanced threat detection

State-of-the-art machine learning and powerful advanced forensics enable iManage Threat Manager to ensure rapid detection, investigation, and neutralization of a malicious attack.

Reduce false positives

Threat Manager analyzes both usage patterns and context information i.e.  client, matters, peer groups to reduce false positives that overburden staff and generate threat alerts that have a high probability of being legitimate.

Threat Manager helps us quickly identify situations where documents and emails are not being stored in iManage Work. This makes it very valuable to us in ensuring proper compliance.

Jason Winton

Partner, Thirsk Winton

When you have assets in the cloud, it’s essential to know who’s accessing the system and why. iManage Threat Manager assures me that only authorized activities are occurring, without me poring over log files.

David Schrag

Senior Director of Information Technology, Faber Daeufer & Itrato PC

We created a data loss prevention strategy based on iManage Threat Manager and we’re alerted to any unusual behavior or risks outside of our parameters. It has increased security and compliance across our whole environment.

Matthew Peters

National Innovation Lead – McCarthy Tetrault

Compliance reports from iManage Threat Manager make it easy for the firm to get an overview of the organization and identify any team members who need more training to ensure we’re taking a consistent approach.

Monique Cotton

Manager, Legal Support Services and Firm Operations, JFK Law

Smart alerts

Custom actions can be defined in Threat Manager, including alerting a user or supervisor, escalating to a manager, or disabling an account based on the severity of a threat.

Compliance reporting

Organizations can easily share clients how their sensitive information is managed and protected by using Threat Manager and show regulatory bodies how the application’s extensive reporting capabilities enable them to meet applicable compliance requirements.

“Compliance reports from iManage Threat Manager make it easy for the firm to get an overview of the organization and identify any team members who need more training to ensure we're taking a consistent approach”
Monique Cotton
Manager, Legal Support Services and Firm Operations

Accurate notifications

Granular reporting across multiple entities delivers visibility into the access and flow of sensitive data. Organizations can monitor user behavior and adoption to detect anomalous activities and quantify the risk of data that isn’t properly filed.

SIEM support

Integration with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools enables organizations to gain enhanced visibility into malicious activity in iManage Work and see Threat Manager alerts in their SIEM application of choice.

Case Studies

Watch Threat Manager in action.

Cole, Scott & Kissane puts employees at the heart of innovation

Actionable insights ward off threats

Every knowledge-based organization faces the challenge of protecting sensitive information from the menace of cybercrime. Learn how Travers Smith safeguards its precious knowledge assets — and those of its clients — with iManage.

Get to know Threat Manager

Marrying Threat Manager analytics with usage analytics: an iManage customer panel

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Watch video (27:26)

iManage Threat Manager Overview and Benefits

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Yes. iManage Threat Manager integrates seamlessly with iManage Work in the Cloud.

Threat Manager may already be included in your iManage Cloud subscription. Please consult with your iManage Account Executive.

Yes. By combining both products with the native security provided by iManage Work, organizations can benefit from comprehensive security to close the loop on insider and external threats.

Threat Manager is used by central IT teams as well as organizations with no IT staff. 

The intuitive interface enables non-technical staff to create rules and export reports from iManage Threat Manager after it is implemented.

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