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Change Management & User Adoption

We understand that the successful adoption of our suite of products is not only about powerful tools but also about empowering your workforce to use these tools effectively. Our dedicated team of change management and user adoption specialists is here to guide your organization through the process of embracing our solutions designed to Make Knowledge Work™️.

Cloud Onboarding: Preparing for Change

Your implementation partner and iManage Customer Success team stand ready to assist in your change management based on our knowledge and experience. Whether you decide to do it in-house or invest in a consultant, we will be there for you and for your users to ensure that their successful adoption of iManage is rapid and sustained.

Three Key Factors for Success

When implementing a mission-critical technology such as the iManage knowledge management platform, its success — as measured by the breadth and speed of adoption and utilization — depends on three key factors.

Cloud Onboarding Signposting

Your path to making knowledge work better across your organization with iManage Cloud starts here. With the assistance of the experts on your iManage team and those of your implementation partner, you can relax — you’ve got this!

Making Knowledge Work

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