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Exponential growth didn’t slow this company down. “We won back a lot of time with iManage,” says IT Director Tim Moonens. 

Investing in firms shaping the future of Flanders

A public investment firm that finances promising companies on behalf of the government, ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen, PMV, invests in companies likely to have a positive economic, social or environmental impact on Flanders and its people. In addition to hundreds of these types of investments each year, over each of the past two years the firm has also handled about 5,000 loans to Belgian firms that were in difficulty or starting new businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building on a robust and open foundation

To maintain strong performance through this period of unprecedented growth, PMV wanted to ensure that the team managed every document and piece of correspondence relating to an investment efficiently — with each item tracked, secured, and stored in one central repository — and to be sure that much of that process was automated.

“iManage came out on top in our evaluation, and we have never looked back,” said Moonens.

Winning back time and keeping work secure

iManage Work 10 integrates directly to PMV’s CRM. New investments in the CRM trigger a workspace in iManage with folders, templates, and an NDA to send to the client. Relevant documents are automatically sent to the legal department for review, saving time and effort.

“When a document needs to be signed, we just push a button in iManage, and it goes to our external signing provider,” Moonens said.

Governance and compliance were another essential consideration because — as a public company — PMV is subject to strict regulations and regular compliance audits.

iManage Security Policy Manager enables PMV to establish and adhere to new security and compliance policies as regulations evolve. And when the auditors come knocking, iManage Share allows the firm to safely share information with them in one click.

“With iManage at our side, we can be assured that our documents are managed efficiently and securely."

PMV also appreciates iManage integrations with Adobe PDF and Microsoft Teams. “iManage integration with Teams is very intuitive,” said Moonens. “You can even preview a document in Teams.”

Essential tools for future success

Moonens says he has advised the Compliance Office that iManage Security Policy Manager, iManage Threat Manager and iManage Records Manager are essential tools for ensuring the firm’s future success. "iManage is critical to our future,” he adds.

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