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Document management, assembly, & PDF tools buyers guide: 2022

Whether in a law firm or in corporate legal departments, modern document management gives lawyers a productivity advantage, making work easier, enabling collaboration, and keeping everything secure.

But, keeping on top of the changing technology landscape that can help provide this advantage is a challenge. Each year Legal Tech Publishing provides a guide for practicing lawyers, in-house legal teams, and legal professionals to help them select the right technology for the needs.

In "Document Management, Assembly & PDF Tools Buyers Guide 2022 Edition", they provide a thorough 2,500-word overview of iManage, highlighting the reasons why forward-looking law firms should consider the platform. 

And you can get your copy here.

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Download your copy:

The 2022 Document Management Buyer’s Guide by Legal Tech Publishing

Looking for more?

You may also be interested in how we are applying modern document management to make knowledge work. 

You can learn more about iManage Work 10 here.


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