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Not just for large enterprises

Heidi Hanson

Content Marketing Editor Senior Specialist, iManage

Thirsk Winton migrated to iManage Work 10 in the Cloud to accelerate growth without increasing costs. In addition to consuming fewer resources, the platform gives users a modern, feature-rich experience from any device and any location.

More cost-effective than an on-premises solution

As a boutique law firm, Thirsk Winton has the agility to scale and act quickly, but they also recognize the importance of executing digital strategies with the right partner.

“I can’t envisage, these days, how a law firm could successfully manage its clients without having a strong technology base. Now we are able to provide that top-level client service, and iManage makes it happen,” said Jason Winton, Partner at Thirsk Winton.

Using iManage documentation to manage the cloud migration in-house, Winton leveraged his own IT skills to optimize iManage Work 10 with custom functionality to meet the unique requirements of the firm. Following the implementation, Thirsk Winton no longer needs to spend time managing their platform, which has been a huge benefit.

“iManage isn’t just for large enterprises,” says Winton. "It’s an affordable platform that means we can collaborate better, simplify governance and compliance, and give the right people the right level of visibility to make sure we’re working in the best possible way."

Trusted by the world's biggest law firms

There might be nothing more important in a business relationship than trust. And no business more cognizant of this than a law firm.

“iManage Threat Manager alerts us when there is unusual activity," Winton remarked. "That can alert me to a data breach. We’re no longer reactive, we’re proactive.”

In an industry where trust is an indispensable form of currency, our customers entrust their valuable client data and knowledge assets to the iManage Cloud, every day; and like our customers, we work every day to earn and keep that trust.

Read the full case study to learn more about Thirsk Winton’s move to Work 10 in the Cloud.

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