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A frictionless user experience

Insight+ is the iManage knowledge search and management solution native to the iManage Cloud ecosystem. With Insight+, knowledge workers can quickly find best practice work product like templates, checklists, updates, and examples – curated by knowledge managers for a frictionless user experience – all while accounting for appropriate access and permissions.


Make it easier than ever for employees to discover previous work and collective knowledge


Empower your knowledge managers and curators with full control over their knowledge library via iManage Control Center

Making Knowledge Work™️

Improve service delivery, quality, and consistency by institutionalizing knowledge


Maximize the value of your existing investment in iManage

Knowledge search

Discover collective knowledge at your organization by leveraging type-ahead, personalized search, and more. Granular filtering capabilities enable users to finetune the results more than they would with a traditional document management system (DMS).

State-of-the-art faceting

Insight+ extends the iManage platform to allow over 100 metadata fields per file, allowing new field types including taxonomies, multi-values, and large text. This means end users get more context, detail, and search parameters than ever before.

Cloud architecture

Built natively in iManage Cloud, Insight+ inherits the security, configurability, and centralized storage of iManage Work to create a knowledge library. Insight+ also sets the stage for future search experiences (locators) to identify relevant matters, deals, or experts.

Self-service configuration

Admin-led deployments remove dependence on add-on technologies or third-party vendors. All properties can be administered from your firm via iManage Control Center, including the end-user interface, page layouts, graphics, workflows, and search experiences.

Curation toolset

Insight+ adds curation tools natively to iManage Work, so end users can submit knowledge assets securely and knowledge managers can enrich, revise, publish, archive, and more. Power Automate provides the structure for knowledge intake and a curation workflow.

Optimal preparation for AI

Insight+ delivers effective tools for curating and enriching your knowledge assets. This provides high-quality, healthy data ready for intelligent agents.


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YES, with support projected for 2024 and beyond.

No knowledge worker starts from scratch. Insight+ reveals more context around a document – document class, governing body, project lead, and more – that Work 10 was not intended to provide. And with the Knowledge Locator feature of Insight+, a lawyer can narrow search results to just the firm’s curated documents, excluding the chaff of 100 iterations of the same legal agreement.

Insight+ is available exclusively in iManage Cloud.

In 2024, we will release additional locators for Matters and Experts. These will allow users to search at the matter level, for contact information of an expert, or what other work the expert produced. Insight+ also lays a strong knowledge foundation for AI initiatives. 

Your organization doesn’t need to have a full knowledge management team, but we recommend a cross-functional team to implement and roll-out the technology, and at least one curator to maintain and contribute to the knowledge library going forward.

Making Knowledge Work

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