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Enabling Knowledge Workers for Success

Discover new strategies that drive productivity and collaboration to enable better business outcomes.

Knowledge is the beating heart of all successful organizations. 

Putting it to work effectively yields the edge that every business requires.

Decision-makers are recognizing the importance of documented knowledge, with 68% of knowledge workers describing "the information contained in digital documents and files" as the most important thing to their business. 

Exploring the knowledge opportunity.

But what is knowledge work? Who are knowledge workers? And what is needed to help them succeed so that our workplaces and communities can prosper?

This report answers these questions and more, backed up by qualitative and quantitative research that highlights the value of making knowledge work and its potential for fueling better business outcomes. 

Download the report now to understand who knowledge workers are, where they are, what makes their work so valuable, and how you can support and use it to your best advantage.

Research conducted in partnership with global B2B marketing agency Metia Group. 

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our updated Making Knowledge Work research report. We hope you find it insightful.

Download and save your copy.

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And while you are here, check out our resource page to learn how iManage can help your business activate and act upon the knowledge within your organization.

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