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Knowledge & Search Management

Insights, not just information

Unlock your organization's institutional knowledge in iManage Work with a knowledge search and management solution. Enable your organization to curate key documents so knowledge workers can quickly access contextually relevant assets like best practices, templates, checklists, examples and insights.


Insight+ is our knowledge search and management solution native to the iManage Cloud ecosystem. With Insight+, knowledge teams have the power to deliver assets like best practices, templates, checklists, examples, and insights – all while inheriting permissions and other critical compliance and IT considerations from iManage Cloud.

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Empower Users Efficiently
  • Optimize client experience
“It’s important for any law firm to recognize that it’s a knowledge-based business. We all want to find that gold-standard knowledge and make it accessible for people to reuse. That’s where iManage shines.”
Carol Aldridge
Head of Knowledge Management and Information Systems

Making Knowledge Work

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