Mergers and Acquisitions

Easily close large deals from anywhere with iManage Closing Folders.

Streamline your mergers & acquisitions

Automate repetitive, error-prone tasks in deal closings to reduce risk, improve client service delivery, and do your legal due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Handle deals of any size 

Forget confusing piles of paper and the frustration of lost emails. Reduce your risk of errors with Closing Folders and confidently keep track of everything needed for even the largest of deals.

Get the timing right

One wrong move during a closing can throw the timeframe off and cost you an opportunity. Keep your deals on track with Closing Folders and close the deal on time, every time.

Close from anywhere

It’s never been more important to be able to close a deal from anywhere. Securely reach CEOs and key stakeholders no matter where they are and close the deal without a conference room.

Closing books

Create professional-looking closing books within minutes, not weeks, of finishing the deal.

Signature management

Collect the needed signatures securely and virtually. No pens required.

Task visibility

Know the status of every open task, signature, and revision with powerful checklist functionality.

Closing the Deal. Differently.

In this video series, we share the candid experiences of five M&A lawyers on what goes on behind the scenes when closing transactions. From creating the checklist to signature compilation and generating the closing books — how it is done … and what can go wrong?

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