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Closing the deal. Differently.

A video series sharing the experience of 5 lawyers.



Closing the deal. Differently.

In this video series, we share the candid experiences of five M&A lawyers on what goes on behind the scenes when closing transactions. From creating the checklist to signature compilation and generating the closing books — how it is done … and what can go wrong?

Episode 1: Managing Transactions

Why are closing checklists such a pain? What is it like to be the associate holding the pen, coordinating dozens of internal and external stakeholders?

In this first episode we ask the lawyers, how difficult is it to manage transactions, how does it make them feel, and what  “ideal” looks like?

Episode 2: Getting the deal signed

When preparing a closing room, the biggest challenge is keeping things in order.  Got all the signature pages signed? … are you sure?

In this episode, the lawyers offer up their experiences of getting a deal signed and the awkward moments when things go wrong. We also hear from the client's perspective on what they really care about.

Episode 3: After the deal is done

Pop open the champagne, the deal is done, and all we need now is to create the closing book. Piece of cake. Unfortunately, what should be a simple task, really isn’t as simple as it looks.

In this episode, the lawyers discuss value versus effort to produce the closing books, and how this impacts the client. And where did that missing page go?

Episode 4: The client perspective

In this final episode, the lawyers look at how embracing a new way to close deals, has dramatically improved the process.  We also hear from the client's perspective on what they would like from their legal counsel and how they perceive firms that are actively looking for ways to improve client service delivery and those that are not evolving with them.

Closing the deal

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