Secure your vision

Secure your knowledge and sensitive data while balancing protections and accessibility.


Protect knowledge work while giving employees access to the information needed to do that work. Achieving better business outcomes starts with securing your vision. iManage security evolves as the threat landscape grows. Watch the video to see how.

Build a security culture

Every employee, especially leaders, must embrace the need for strong security and the actions required to maintain it—so it becomes second nature.

Align everyone with security

Create security policies that balance safeguards and accessibility, and then get your organization on board to understand and support them.

Making knowledge work

Is your organization fully tapping into its knowledge assets? Balancing security and accessibility can help. This 24-page report explains how to do that in the broader context of knowledge management.

Safeguarding your sensitive information

A comprehensive, layered approach to security keeps sensitive documents and emails safe from external threat actors and internal misuse. Discover the many ways that iManage protects what matters to your business.


Uncovering and activating high-value knowledge—securely—is a key to your firm’s effectiveness and risk management. Learn how iManage products can protect such assets and still keep them accessible.


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Knowledge work

Discover the importance of making knowledge work in your organization.

Zero Trust

Get our guide to the next generation of information security.​

Secure anywhere

Find out how to empower your team with secure mobility.