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Collaborate without friction

Safely and effectively share content with colleagues – anywhere knowledge work happens


Modern work thrives on connectivity

Move beyond barriers, share with confidence, and unlock the potential of connecting your knowledge and your people through secure collaboration. Watch the video to see how.

iManage Work 10 is a great legal document management and collaboration platform. We handle millions of documents and hundreds of thousands of workspaces with competing demands - and it's much easier to do that with a reliable, intuitive DMS.

Brien Bergner

Manager of Legal Operations, Gilead

With iManage Work 10 in the Cloud, we're working faster, collaborating better, and delivering better client services.

Joseph Escobio

CIO, Klinedinst Attorneys

Since implementing iManage Work 10 in the Cloud we have been able to securely store and find our data and can easily collaborate with other teams within our business. The reporting data that we are able to produce helps us to make our legal team run more efficiently.

MMag. Philipp Häusle

Corporate Legal Dept., Senior Legal Counsel, Hilti

iManage enables our many interns and new hires to access A.Y. Strauss work product efficiently, collaborate, share ideas, and see all the latest updates.

Audra Grosso

Operations Coordinator, A.Y. Strauss

Making knowledge work

Is your organization fully tapping into its knowledge assets? Balancing security and accessibility can help. This 24-page report explains how to do that in the broader context of knowledge management.

Collaboration is better together

Today, most knowledge work organizations are grappling with the best ways to pursue digital transformation, enhance data security, and optimize hybrid working. Learn how the iManage partnership with Microsoft helps organizations meet the demands of the evolving modern workplace.

Collaborate and work intelligently

Creating a central place for teams to advance their projects enables the meaningful connections necessary to create knowledge and drive better business outcomes. Learn how iManage products make it possible to work together from anywhere.