Making Knowledge Work™

Knowledge is the beating heart of all organizations, but uncovering and unlocking it can be challenging. Discover the potential for your organization with our latest report.

Let's talk about knowledge

Knowledge comes from synthesis and putting information in context. When put to work, knowledge has the power to give you an edgethe edge that will help your business grow and prosper.

Organizations that run on knowledge need to activate it and act upon it any time or place where work is happening. iManage helps free you from the mundane, allowing every team member to work more productively, smarter, and securely.

Imagine a world where you have the power to make knowledge work.


of information are consumed by the average American every day


of business leaders claim “information contained in digital documents and files” is the most important thing to their business


is the cost of information overload to the U.S. economy per year

Find the competitive edge your business needs

If knowledge is the beating heart of all successful organizations, it's time for changeare you ready?

Watch the video to discover how to harness the fuel you need to help your business grow.

The value and impact of knowledge

Discover the importance of making knowledge work in your organization. Our report highlights the true meaning of knowledge work and knowledge workers, demonstrating the new imperatives for businesses that create value through their expertise.

How we are making knowledge work today


Exposing, classifying, and contextualizing the knowledge in content and communications.


Connecting people to the right information and experts at the right time to enhance productivity and better decision making. 


Providing safety and governance of the highest standards to protect information and to instil and support client trust.


Work is transforming the information held in business content and communications into high-value knowledge.

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