Making Knowledge Work™

Knowledge is at the core of all organizations, but how do you uncover and unlock its potential? Our updated report can help you discover the power of knowledge to drive better business outcomes.

Let's talk about knowledge

Imagine a world where your superpower is making knowledge work.

Knowledge comes from synthesis and putting information in context. Knowledge work draws on a deep level of accumulated experience and expertise combined with critical analysis and communication skills to translate documented processes into meaningful action.

Activated knowledge has the power to give you an edge the edge you need to help your business grow and prosper.

Organizations that run on knowledge need to activate it and act upon it any time or place where work is happening. iManage helps free you from the mundane, allowing every team member to work more smarter, more productively, and more securely.


of business leaders claim “information contained in digital documents and files” is the most important thing to their business.


zettabytes of data is forecast to be created, captured, copied, and consumed globally by 2025.


of data professionals' time is lost every week searching for, governing, preparing data and duplicating work.

Knowledge is the competitive edge your business needs

It's time to activate, act upon, and start making knowledge — the beating heart of your organization — work.

Are you ready?

Discover how to harness knowledge to fuel your business growth and maturity. Watch the video.

The value and impact of knowledge

Unleash the power of making knowledge work in your organization.

We first launched this report in February of 2021 and have since refreshed the statistics, added further insights, and built out the outcomes that businesses have realized from following the core principles of Making Knowledge Work. 

How we are making knowledge work today

Exposing, classifying, and contextualizing the wealth of knowledge that exists in your organization's content and communications.

Connecting people to the information and experts they need at the time they need it to enhance productivity and make better decisions. 

Applying the highest standards to the safety and governance we provide to protect your data and instill and support client trust.

Transforming business communications and content into high-value knowledge assets via our knowledge work platform.

Ready to dive deeper?

Discover other ways we're making knowledge work.

Secure your vision

Secure your knowledge and sensitive data while balancing protections and accessibility.

Collaborate without friction

Safely and effectively share content with colleagues – anywhere knowledge work happens.