Infographic: New Knowledge Work Research

James Ainsworth
Creative Content Strategist, iManage
17 May 2021

Are you looking to understand what makes knowledge work? Our infographic provides a digest of the state of knowledge work, the shifts knowledge work is going through and the high value placed upon knowledge as a catalyst for business growth – giving those that make it work a competitive edge.


Making Knowledge Work Infographic

The infographic offers a flavor of our Making Knowledge WorkTM research. The analysis is based on 500,000 global, digital conversations over the last 2+ years. It is supplemented with 1,068 survey respondents providing quantitative results and enriched with 29 in-depth interviews with knowledge workers; lawyers, in-house corporate legal professionals, accountants, and information technology professionals who understand the value and transformational opportunity of knowledge.

In 2019 Gartner shared the knowledge work community had reached 1 Billion – that is a lot of professionals driving workplace innovation through the application of their ideas, skills, experience, knowledge, and judgement.

Please read the full Making Knowledge WorkTM report to discover how to apply the findings and what is needed to achieve better business outcomes, and how iManage elevates the knowledge work community with its intelligent, cloud-enabled, secure knowledge work platform.

The value and impact of knowledge

Discover the importance of making knowledge work in your organization. Our report highlights the true meaning of knowledge work and knowledge workers and demonstrates the full value of their expertise.