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Joining forces to make an iMPact

Kelli Ryan

Internal Communications & Engagement Senior Manager

This spring, we hosted our inaugural iMPactCon, a dynamic event dedicated to developing and inspiring our iMPact Community leaders.

You might be asking yourself, what is an iMPact Community?

“iMPact Community” is the name we gave to our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) here at iManage. These groups of employees, united by a shared experience, identity, or passion, organically come together to make a difference in our company and the community at large. Our iMPact Communities are driving change, education, and celebration from a grassroots level through company-wide learning initiatives, community outreach, and social events.

At iManage, we believe making true progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) requires long-term and comprehensive investment. Our iMPact Communities are helping to accelerate our foundational DE&I work by bringing our values to life and reaching a wider set of employees. iMPact Community leaders are the driving force behind these groups—which is why it was so important to us to invest in their development.

Investing in our leaders

For our first iMPactCon, we sought to foster a sense of community and shared purpose among our leaders by providing a platform for knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices, and strategic alignment. The groups present were:

  • iMWomen: Their mission is to foster a culture of inspiration, support, and empowerment by encouraging women to “just be you”. Through internal engagement activities, external partnerships, and ongoing recruitment efforts iMWomen seeks to make iManage a place where women can be their most authentic selves. 
  • iMBlack: They seek to be the catalyst that increases the presence of Black employees in the iManage workforce and cultivates a network of support for new and current employees. 
  • iMProud: Their goal is to cultivate a welcoming and celebratory environment for our LGBTQ+ community at iManage, while providing members and allies with the resources and education to promote positive change on a global company scale. 
  • iMBrainy: They aim to create an inclusive, understanding, and empowering community that values the strengths of neurodiverse employees and enables them to work and play at an equitable level with their peers. Their mission is to build a collaborative environment where neurodiverse individuals and allies work together to advocate for positive change, awareness, and acceptance in all communities. 

Learning together

The agenda was designed to help our leaders harness their collective expertise and develop meaningful initiatives to promote DE&I across our organization. A few highlights include:

  • Inspiring keynote from industry expert
  • Best practices knowledge share presented by iMPact Community leaders
  • Panel discussion with external ERG and DE&I experts
  • Dialogue between the Talent Acquisition team and iMPact Communities
  • Presentation on how company benefits can serve diverse groups
  • Networking with company executives to improve communication and understanding

Through these sessions, we created connections between our iMPact Community leaders, helping to spur ideas for collaboration and mutual support.

Living our values

This unique event was an opportunity to invest in our DE&I champions, helping to accelerate these Communities' impact on our workplace. Our leaders left invigorated and inspired with new ways to make iManage an even greater place to work.

At iManage, we embrace differences to make a difference. Learn more about our DE&I initiatives and philosophy in our company report.

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Kelli Ryan

Internal Communications & Engagement Senior Manager

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