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Quiz: How are law firms managing security?


iManage partnered with Above the Law to conduct a survey of legal professionals. See if your views align with the survey responses by taking our quiz.


Gia Tammone-Park
09 August 2023

Quiz: The state of corporate legal operations

Corporate Counsel Business Journal (CCBJ) and iManage surveyed legal ops professionals across a range of companies. See if your views align with your peers' by taking our quiz.


Gia Tammone-Park
28 July 2023

Quiz: Do you know how collaboration impacts organizations?

See if you can guess notable collaboration statistics and trends in our quiz. 


Gia Tammone-Park
18 July 2023

Is your organization following instant messaging best practices?

Take this quiz to find out if you are following the best practices for using instant messaging in your corporate legal department.

Gia Tammone-Park
09 September 2022

Small firm, big power with iManage Cloud

Modern, cloud-based technology can boost smaller firms’ capabilities in document management, collaborative working, and data security, helping to level the playing field.

Dan Rimland
Sr. Director of Sales, iManage
12 July 2022

Ways to mitigate security risks when planning a long-term technology strategy

Microsoft Azure is central to the iManage long-term security strategy. What is central to yours?

Mark Richman
Principal Product Manager, Cloud Platform, iManage
07 July 2022

Bringing it all together: Working effectively with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Whether your team or collaborators prefer Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or a combination thereof, you can all work together securely with the iManage Add-On for Google Workspace.

Ganesh Krithikavasan
Product Manager, iManage
19 April 2022

How Law Firms Can Use Lessons Learned from Email Management to Adopt Microsoft Teams

It took years for many organizations to fully realize the benefits of email. See how law firms can avoid similar pitfalls when adopting Microsoft Teams.

Shawn Misquitta
Executive Vice President of Product Management
04 February 2022

Why iManage and Microsoft are a powerful combination

iManage and Microsoft working together gives you the best of both worlds. Learn more about the power of our enhanced partnership.

Dan Dosen
Executive Vice President of Channels and Alliances, iManage
03 February 2022
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