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The chat bots are coming, and they’re a talkative bunch

Jack Shepherd looks into the symbiotic relationship between tech and legal services for Legal Practice Management Magazine.

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead at iManage
16 February 2023

Why It Is Time for the Legal Sector to Mind Its Language

The normalisation and the existence of language conventions matters. Is it time for your organization to set a standard?

Sam Grange
Senior Knowledge Engineer
13 February 2023

Collective Intelligence – The Ultimate Business Outcome

How has the legal industry adapted to change in the wake of a global pandemic?

Dan Carmel
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, iManage
25 January 2023

Futurist legal predictions that completely miss the point

Bionic lawyers might be touted as the future of legal services, but it’s important to remember that legal tech exists to serve people and not the other way around – says Jack Shepherd, Legal Practice Lead at iManage 

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead at iManage
02 November 2022

Is your organization following instant messaging best practices?

Take this quiz to find out if you are following the best practices for using instant messaging in your corporate legal department.

Gia Tammone-Park
09 September 2022

Is your law firm keeping pace with the latest technology trends?

Test your knowledge of the latest legal tech trends to see if your law firm is keeping up with what your peers are doing and what your clients are expecting.

Gia Tammone-Park
02 August 2022

Legal tech talk versus legal tech action

Jenny Hotchin of iManage explores a range of factors that can help synchronise human and technology input to optimise knowledge for your law firm.

Jenny Hotchin
Legal Practice Lead, iManage
12 April 2022

Tapping into Your Knowledge Assets

How corporate legal departments can support collaborative knowledge work and keep from leaving valuable knowledge capital on the table. 

Heidi Hanson
10 March 2022

Legal technology trends demonstrate intent to deliver better experiences and outcomes

The International Legal Technology Association has recently published its annual technology survey, and we have taken a long look at the findings as they apply to iManage.

Dean Leung
Executive Vice President of Digital Enablement & Communities, iManage
23 February 2022
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