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Cybersecurity and Electronic Communications (eComms) Archiving

Broker-dealers and other financial services firms have struggled, for years, to align the retention of electronic communications with a myriad of regulatory requirements, such as SEC Rule 17-a4, and their general legal hold obligations. Unfortunately, this has created a challenge for firms to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable and defensible measures to preserve email

Improving the accuracy and efficiency of your information security program

The secret is out: professional services firms make attractive targets because they have large volumes of privileged client information. High profile cyber-attacks such as the Panama Papers incident have made information security a top priority at the C-level executive suite. Traditional security approaches and perimeter defenses, however, are no longer sufficient. Over the past few

Five Reasons Your Corporate Legal Department Needs iManage Work Product Management

Corporate legal departments are facing significant increases in workload due to increasing corporate litigation, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, these groups are under greater pressure to govern and secure information completely to comply with corporate guidelines, and also to cut operating costs. These pressures are driving corporate legal departments to seek solutions

FordHarrison Protects Against Security Risks with iManage Share

With high-profile hacks of government agencies, retailers and other businesses making the headlines, any business that needs to protect confidential data is likely growing more concerned and seeking new ways to bolster their security posture. The legal industry is no exception. International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) recently surveyed more than 185,000 individuals at 420 firms

The early bird catches the worm – How a matter-centric refresh can improve attorney productivity and increase user adoption

When you have almost 200 IT professionals register for a webinar one hour after sending invitations, you know the topic being discussed has great importance to them. And that’s just what happened when we announced the first of a series of webinars focused on the topic of matter-centric refresh last month. In the first webinar,