Discover new ways to think about knowledge and how best to activate it inside your organization from iManage experts. 

Webinar recap: Knowledge Unlocked: The journey of next generation search

Imagine unlocking the knowledge in your firm and turning it into a competitive advantage.

Lucy Melendrez-Diaz
Legal Practice Lead, iManage RAVN
05 February 2021

End users have developed new tech muscles over the past year – and enterprise tech should take note

A rapid return to what we’ve known as “business as usual” remains unlikely, even after COVID-19 vaccines are fully rolled out.

Dean Leung
Chief Customer Success Officer, iManage
19 January 2021

Being a digital-first firm: Is this the right time to ask for more technology? Absolutely!

2020 has proven ground-breaking in so many ways. It’s easy to get drawn into the negatives of the situation, but that is not for us.

Paul Walker
Technical Director, iManage
30 November 2020

Locking down the key to why everyone wants to move to Cloud

The ubiquitous need to facilitate remote work in 2020 led to a surge in the use of cloud applications.

Geoff Hornsby
GM EMEA, Sales, iManage
23 November 2020

The strength of unobtrusive security

As lockdowns return in autumn 2020, all organisations must consider the complex combination of risks they present. 

Ian Raine
VP of Product Management, iManage
16 November 2020

Re-inventing how work gets done in a post-pandemic world

Digital transformation was a boardroom topic long before COVID-19 hit. But the pandemic served to bring it into sharper view virtually overnight.

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
12 November 2020

The conversation around legaltech includes more end users – And that’s a good thing

Historically, legaltech outlets have been focused on reaching out to the IT person within a law firm rather than the end user. 

Stephanie Vaughan
Global Legal Practice Director, iManage
10 November 2020

Make it easy and you’ll drive smart, productive and secure work

It’s a universal truth when deploying a new tool or process, regardless of industry, topic or the nature of the work, that success will ultimately lie in user adoption. 

Ganesh Krithikavasan
Product Manager, iManage
28 October 2020

Boutique law firm is leveraging modern cloud architecture to provide best-in-class services with a personalized client experience

The forward-thinking firm evaluated and chose iManage Cloud and Work 10 as its work product management solution.

Inside iManage
13 October 2020
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