Discover new ways to think about knowledge and how best to activate it inside your organization from iManage experts. 

Is your closing process creating problems for your firm?

Deal closings are a reason to celebrate, but they can also be an administrative and financial burden. Could your current closing process be causing problems for your firm? Find out with our quiz.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
18 May 2022

Get ready for ALA Conference and Expo 2022

The ALA conference is where legal administrators can learn, network, connect with vendors, and get closer to accomplishing their firm’s goals. Here's what you need to know before you go.

Dan Rimland
Sr. Director of Sales, iManage
11 May 2022

Not just for large enterprises

How Thirsk Winton gave its lawyers the flexibility to work from anywhere while ensuring greater compliance and security across the organization.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
21 April 2022

Bringing it all together: Working effectively with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Whether your team or collaborators prefer Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or a combination thereof, you can all work together securely with the iManage Add-On for Google Workspace.

Ganesh Krithikavasan
Product Manager, iManage
19 April 2022

Lockdowns trigger a "game-changing" transformation

How Owen White moved document management to the cloud after lockdowns in the UK changed work forever. 

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
14 April 2022

Legal tech talk versus legal tech action

Jenny Hotchin of iManage explores a range of factors that can help synchronise human and technology input to optimise knowledge for your law firm.

Jenny Hotchin
Legal Practice Lead, iManage
12 April 2022

A vision-defined platform that eliminates barriers to growth

A seamless user experience that enhances the firm's value proposition and makes them more competitive.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
11 April 2022

The backbone of Huff, Powell & Bailey’s operation

How the firm saved attorneys from reinventing the wheel and gained back several hours each week for their staff.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
28 March 2022

Tapping into Your Knowledge Assets

How corporate legal departments can support collaborative knowledge work and keep from leaving valuable knowledge capital on the table. 

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
10 March 2022
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