Discover new ways to think about knowledge and how best to activate it inside your organization from iManage experts. 

Why iManage and Microsoft are a powerful combination

iManage and Microsoft working together gives you the best of both worlds. Learn more about the power of our enhanced partnership.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
22 July 2021

Evaluating document management system (DMS) solutions for your legal team? What you need to know

How to select a document management solution that meets the unique requirements of your legal department.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
20 July 2021

Customer story: Take conflicts of interest searches from days to seconds

Learn how one law firm improved efficiency exponentially with iManage Conflicts Manager.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
19 July 2021

Collaboration innovation needs a knowledge management strategy

Discover how law firm and legal department practitioners design impactful collaborative knowledge management strategies to use their knowledge to gain an edge.  

James Ainsworth
Creative Content Strategist, iManage
16 July 2021

How Law Firms Can Use Lessons Learned from Email Management to Adopt Microsoft Teams

It took years for many organizations to fully realize the benefits of email. See how law firms can avoid similar pitfalls when adopting Microsoft Teams.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
14 July 2021

Employee Charity Spotlight: iManage's Debbie Amatangelo working with Angels of Hope

Meet iManage employee Debbie Amatangelo, an iManage Account Manager by day and in her spare time, Chair of the Board at Angels of Hope, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide critical support to Michigan families directly impacted by cancer.

Kelli Ryan
Internal Communications Manager
13 July 2021

A true master will activate knowledge

Those that have mastered knowledge work know that knowledge must be activated to achieve better business outcomes.

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
30 June 2021

Top 5 reasons midsize law firms need modern document management

Managing knowledge well gives law firms an edge. It enables them to differentiate, to be more productive, and to broaden the services they provide and ultimately grow the business.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
28 June 2021

The best of both worlds with iManage and Microsoft

At iManage, we are proud to be partnering with Microsoft to deliver enhanced value for our customers. With Microsoft Azure as the new global platform for iManage Cloud and our extended integration with Microsoft 365, our commitment to Making Knowledge Work™ is stronger than ever.

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
18 June 2021
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