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7 ways to reduce the risk of law firm conflicts of interest

The conflicts of interest process can be costly and labor-intensive for law firms, but purpose-built technology can help you automate tedious processes, eliminate inconsistencies, and work efficiently without sacrificing the accuracy of your results.

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
27 February 2023

iMPact Community Spotlight: iMBlack

As one part of our celebrations for Black History Month in the United States, we are spotlighting the work of our iMBlack iMPact Community and the members who are working to make iManage a more diverse and inclusive place for all.

Kelli Ryan
Internal Communications Manager
22 February 2023

The chat bots are coming, and they’re a talkative bunch

Jack Shepherd looks into the symbiotic relationship between tech and legal services for Legal Practice Management Magazine.

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead at iManage
16 February 2023

Why It Is Time for the Legal Sector to Mind Its Language

The normalisation and the existence of language conventions matters. Is it time for your organization to set a standard?

Sam Grange
Senior Knowledge Engineer
13 February 2023

Crafting a Security Policy That Reflects the Needs of Different Stakeholders

Empower your teams and departments to share a common desire in the overall organization’s security.

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
07 February 2023

Collective Intelligence – The Ultimate Business Outcome

How has the legal industry adapted to change in the wake of a global pandemic?

Dan Carmel
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, iManage
25 January 2023

Class of 2022: The iManage U Internship Program

The class of 2022 share their experiences and accomplishments in this Q&A. 

Kaitlyn Olson
Campus and Early Talent Recruiter
24 January 2023

Set a security policy for your entire organization

To be truly effective, a security policy must apply to everyone across your organization. Here's how to set up for success. 

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
23 January 2023

Top trends that could be putting your firm and data at risk

Information security can be complex and overwhelming, especially in small and midsize law firms, where there may not be a dedicated security or IT team to protect the firm from growing threats. Learn more about the current trends that could be putting your firm and data at risk.

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
20 January 2023
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