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Collaboration innovation needs a knowledge management strategy

Discover how law firm and legal department practitioners design impactful collaborative knowledge management strategies to use their knowledge to gain an edge.  

James Ainsworth
Creative Content Strategist, iManage
16 July 2021

Legal Tech’s 2021 Document Management Buyer’s Guide

Legal Tech Publishing’s annual review of the document management industry again features iManage. They highlight three features of iManage Work 10 that caught their eye this year in a comprehensive report covering every aspect of the platform.

Ian Truscott
Head of Content
17 May 2021

Research: Gain a Legal Productivity Advantage

Legal professionals spend 95% of their day working with documents and email, 74% of the law departments intend to address this to get a productivity edge and we provide a guide on where to start.

Ian Truscott
Head of Content
09 April 2021