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Increase adoption of iManage Closing Folders at your firm

There can be a lot of spinning plates when it comes to deal closing. That’s why many firms choose iManage Closing Folders to simplify their legal transaction management process. But to maximize the benefits of your investment, it’s critical to make a plan to increase user adoption.

Elizabeth Cavendish
Customer Success Manager
10 October 2023

An interview with a software engineer intern

Every year, our industry placement programme offers students local to our London and Belfast offices the chance to gain real-world work experience. We took some time to speak to one of our Engineering interns in London as he reflected on his time with iManage over the past year.

Domenic Lovallo
Talent Acquisition UK Lead - People Operations
09 October 2023

The future of document management

Organizations choose iManage for its secure document management, and so much more. In this blog post we explore how the MassMutual legal team brought its emails into iManage and found itself taking a leadership position on data retention within the wider organization.

Stuart Douglass
Vice President of Sales - Corporate
03 October 2023

Co-authoring for secure and efficient collaboration

It is necessary to be detailed with every single legal document. But at the same time, busy legal professionals need to be efficient, especially when collaborating with others. With co-authoring, it's possible to be both. 

Nick Pogvara
Product Manager
22 September 2023

Meet the 2023 interns

Throughout summer 2023, we hosted 21 college students in our Chicago office for our 10-week internship program. With the program wrapped, we asked our iManage U alumni to tell us about their time with us.

Kaitlyn Olson
Campus and Early Talent Recruiter
21 September 2023

Profound change is shaping the modern workplace

At our 2023 ConnectLive conference, CEO Neil Araujo outlined how iManage is leading the way in enabling the modern workplace for knowledge workers.

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
11 August 2023

Quiz: How are law firms managing security?


iManage partnered with Above the Law to conduct a survey of legal professionals. See if your views align with the survey responses by taking our quiz.


Gia Tammone-Park
09 August 2023

The intangibles that underpin a strong strategic partnership

While organizations often get mired in the financial and procedural complexity of closing deals, Neil Araujo, iManage CEO and Founder, says it’s the intangibles that ultimately help clinch them.

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
01 August 2023

Leading to drive change and deliver value in an evolving legal ecosystem

The Legal Innovation Forum launched in the United States with its first event in Chicago, June 22nd, 2023. The forum convened 90 decision makers from law firms, legal departments, and their third-party service providers.

Andrew Bowyer
Founder & CEO, ADB Insights
31 July 2023
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