Discover new ways to think about knowledge and how best to activate it inside your organization from iManage experts. 

Making time for legal tech

iManage legal practice lead, Jack Shepherd, makes the case for the legal sector to catch up with other industries when it comes to technological prowess.

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead at iManage
07 March 2022

The Great Resignation in legal: How law firms can fight the talent war with technology

Many law firms have made salary their weapon of choice against the Great Resignation, but it’s not the only option.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
04 March 2022

Legal technology trends demonstrate intent to deliver better experiences and outcomes

The International Legal Technology Association has recently published its annual technology survey, and we have taken a long look at the findings as they apply to iManage.

Dean Leung
Chief Customer Success Officer, iManage
23 February 2022

Cyber risk: A real and ever-present threat to your legal department

Is your company safe from ransomware? Legal departments are prime targets for cyberattacks. Learn how iManage helps ramp up the protection of your sensitive data.

Manuel Sanchez
Global Product Marketing Manager
16 February 2022

iManage Cloud: Readying You for the Future - infographic

Step through the process of accelerating to the cloud via our visually engaging format.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
15 February 2022

Legal tech trends taking shape in 2022

iManage legal practice lead Jenny Hotchin walks through the outcomes-driven digital discourse taking shape in legal.

Jenny Hotchin
Legal Practice Lead, iManage
15 February 2022

Is your law firm prepared to fight against ransomware?

Ransomware is a significant threat to law firms. Is your organization prepared? Take our quiz and find out!

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
14 February 2022

iManage milestones celebrate customers making knowledge work

In the face of continuing adversity experienced the world over, iManage is grateful to its customers and partners for a year worthy of reflection and celebration.

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
11 February 2022

Customer success in 2022 and beyond

iManage has always put customers first, but we are doubling down on our commitment to you through our re-invigorated customer success team.

Natalie Alesi
Global Senior Director, Customer Success
10 February 2022
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