Discover new ways to think about knowledge and how best to activate it inside your organization from iManage experts. 

Class of 2022: The iManage U Internship Program

The class of 2022 share their experiences and accomplishments in this Q&A. 

Kaitlyn Olson
Campus and Early Talent Recruiter
24 January 2023

Set a security policy for your entire organization

To be truly effective, a security policy must apply to everyone across your organization. Here's how to set up for success. 

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
23 January 2023

Top trends that could be putting your firm and data at risk

Information security can be complex and overwhelming, especially in small and midsize law firms, where there may not be a dedicated security or IT team to protect the firm from growing threats. Learn more about the current trends that could be putting your firm and data at risk.

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
20 January 2023

Finding success in tech with non-traditional experience

At iManage, we value having a diverse team of individuals with unique experiences, perspectives, and educational backgrounds. Learn how one employee made a successful career change with iManage.

Dominic Signorelli
Talent Acquisition Senior Associate
19 January 2023

How to audit your existing security capabilities 

A guide on how to review your current security safeguards and effectively evaluate every point of vulnerability in your organization.

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
11 January 2023

Is it Time to Prioritise a Culture of Security in Your Organisation?

Build a positive security culture to safeguard your organisation’s most critical assets.

Manuel Sanchez
Information Security & Compliance Specialist
09 January 2023

Are organisations adequately supporting the current and future lawyer?

Jenny Hotchin, legal practice lead at iManage, examines the ‘quiet quitting’ trend and the role legal tech could play in keeping employees motivated.

Jenny Hotchin
Legal Practice Lead, iManage
01 December 2022

Futurist legal predictions that completely miss the point

Bionic lawyers might be touted as the future of legal services, but it’s important to remember that legal tech exists to serve people and not the other way around – says Jack Shepherd, Legal Practice Lead at iManage 

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead at iManage
02 November 2022

Employee Charity Spotlight: Mary Ann Muhlbaier & Pink Clover Foundation

Inspired by her cousin Colleen Sorbello, iManage employee Mary Ann Muhlbaier transformed tragedy into charity as a founding member of the nonprofit organization Pink Clover Foundation.

Kelli Ryan
Internal Communications Manager
25 October 2022
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