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Pursuing passion: iManage employee Becky Bloom shares her personal story of breaking into tech

iManage Senior Product Manager Becky Bloom shares insights into her career evolution, discusses her passion for technology, and offers valuable advice for women considering a leap into the tech industry.

Sarah Costello
Talent Acquisition Manager
28 November 2023

Javid’s journey: From supporting iManage Indexer to building it

At iManage, we empower employees to take control of their careers and follow their passions. Javid Ismail, a former iManage Support Engineer who transitioned into a Software Engineer role, is a perfect example of this. Learn how he pursued his development dreams at iManage.

Shruti Bernardi
Manager of Talent Acquisition - North America
27 November 2023

Use a business transformation mindset to drive change and adoption

When implementing new technology, traditional change management may not be enough. Discover how the business transformation framework can help you increase user adoption at your organization.

Brian Jones
Senior Director, Customer Adoption, iManage
17 November 2023

Efficient legal service delivery with the iManage and ServiceNow integration

Many organizations are focused on making it easier to work effectively while reducing inefficiency. Thanks to the new integration between iManage Work and ServiceNow, they can do both.

Aniket Shah
Director of Solutions Outcomes - Product Management
16 November 2023

My LITLS experience: Innovation and AI in the world of legal tech

iManage recently hosted the Legal Innovation and Technology Summit with presentations on a range of topics. Learn what Uwais Iqbal, Founder & CEO of Simplexico, experienced when leading an extremely well-received presentation on AI.

Uwais Iqbal
Founder & CEO, Simplexico
16 November 2023

The importance of consolidated document management for compliance departments

Compliance departments perform vitally important roles hidden from plain sight. See why a single source of truth can help give compliance professionals the recognition they deserve.

Stephen Murphy
Regional Director
13 November 2023

Financial services document management: Why you need a single source of truth

A fragmented approach to document management is no longer viable. Discover why moving your document management processes to a single source of truth could be the answer.

Stuart Douglass
Vice President of Sales - Corporate
10 November 2023

Making an iMpact: iMCaring at Hackney City Farm

Our philanthropic employee group iMCaring was founded by a multinational team of employees with a passion for giving back. Last August, our London-based iMCaring members brought this ethos to a local level with their first volunteering opportunity in our local East London community. 

Becky Griffiths
Employee Engagement Specialist
17 October 2023

iMAway: Empowering employee flexibility and well-being

In alignment with our goal to create an irresistible company culture and provide a workplace where every employee thrives, we launched our iMAway flexible time off policy in 2023.

Libbey McMurray
Talent Acquisition Specialist
13 October 2023
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