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Advologix Salesforce Integration

The iManage Integration for Salesforce Powered by AdvoLogix is a connector that will enable the iManage web-based collaborative platform to be leveraged inside other existing platforms as an organizational resource.

AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce® enables Automatic Workspace creation and association with any object's record within Salesforce.

Checkout & Check documents for sole editing and locking the document without any outside interference.

Manage and browse workspace content from the context of Salesforce record within Salesforce.

Unique differentiators/features

1. Allows users to create files( Docs, Sheets, Slides) inside the connected iManage account right from the Salesforce instance.

2. Allows users to create and associate a workspace in iManage to a Salesforce Record.

3. Allows users to checkout, preview & download files inside Salesforce.

4. Allows users to copy a file URL on a Salesforce Record.

Licensing model:

Annual per-user fee. Discounts may apply for multiple licenses depending on organizational size. Please contact AdvoLogix for details:

Target Market:

Law Firms, Legal Departments, Government, and State Agencies, as well as organizations using iManage and Salesforce technologies.

iManage Solution:

iManage Work10, iManage Cloud, iManage Desksite, iManage Worksite

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