Knowledge Unlocked

Empower your team with a knowledge management system to demonstrate the full value of their expertise.

Insightful Search & Knowledge Management

Go beyond the basic productivity you’d expect from a knowledge management system. By incorporating other sources of institutional, analytical, and practical data, you can discover contextually relevant content, expertise, best practices, and insights.

Make faster, higher-quality decisions

A single, highly-relevant, and accurate search that discovers the best knowledge and content no matter where it’s stored.

Deliver crafted search experiences

Seven of the most powerful search experiences that capitalize on your content - from expertise and know-how to deals and matter analytics – in a single knowledge management solution.

Easily go beyond documents

We've made it easy to enrich your knowledge search beyond Work with strategic partnerships and their leading content and analytics to extend your knowledge and search experience.

Improve consistency of material

Intelligently curate the latest thinking, marketing intelligence, and best practices using AI and Workflow to automate the management of high-quality knowledge assets.

Effortlessly respect security

No matter how complex your privacy and security requirements our knowledge management system scales and supports knowledge sharing even in the most restricted need-to-know environments.

Improve ongoing performance

Retain data to enhance a clause library, corporate templates, and best practices in order to capitalize on learnings and reduce re-work.

Customer Outcomes


increase in search utilization


hours saved within 6 months of implementation


search results served in the first year of deployment

Search Experiences


  • Search & find Our knowledge management platform makes connections across people, data, and content to provide the most relevant results.

  • Matter locator Discover similar matters and reuse relevant content such as contracts, billing profiles, or experts.

  • Expert locator Identify Experts and make connections between their knowledge and related documents using machine learning to analyze content and activities.

  • Knowledge locator Assemble best practices to easily find your firm’s recommended content, market insights, and latest legal principles.

  • Deal locator Search for, and across, your deal documents to enable visibility to business metrics as they relate to matters and clients.

Learn more

Read more about how you can activate your organization’s expertise in the Knowledge Unlocked datasheet.

Building knowledge expertise

iManage provides training and guidance to our customers to ensure teams realize the full value of the knowledge management solution, increase end-user adoption, and are prepared for a successful roll-out. 

Connecting across silos

There is exponential value in legal tech partnerships. iManage Knowledge Unlocked is building strategic partnerships to easily enable our customers to take advantage of legal tech collaboration with market leaders and innovators. 


Making knowledge work™

A single search across disparate systems enhanced with machine learning, seamless shared user experience across multiple workflows, and a knowledge management platform with a solid search foundation fuels the next generation of knowledge.

Get some seasoned advice 

In this series of five videos, market influencer and seasoned knowledge management partner, Joshua Fireman, of Fireman & Co. talks candidly about his experiences and shares a model for modernizing knowledge management.

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