Contract Intelligence

Deliver new insights and increase business value using AI to identify and extract information from legal documents.

Empower teams and increase productivity

Legal and contract services require teams to extract, analyze, and act upon meaningful information buried in documents. Contract Intelligence automates this process using artificial document intelligence (document AI), enabling you to overcome tedious manual methods to complete more effective delivery.

Increase productivity

Use document AI to review a greater number of documents and focus on value-creating tasks rather than mundane document processing tasks.


Improve quality

Mitigate human error and measure and improve accuracy through quality assurance workflows and an auditable process.


Reduce cost

Get document intelligence for analysis into the right hands faster by streamlining and automating document processing tasks.

Decrease lead time

Identify risks and opportunities sooner to make quicker, more informed business decisions.

Reduce risk

Make accurate decisions with the confidence that all the right data and information is assessed.

Perform better

Share and retain learnings and extracted intelligence to ensure a fast, informed response to changing conditions.


Contract Intelligent Use Cases

Contract due diligence

Expedite the triage of portfolios and high-risk documents while leveraging extracted contract intelligence to generate insights, populate reports, and inform negotiations.

Statutory audit

Deliver valuable insights to clients, improve audit quality and coverage, and increase productivity using AI to identify and extract information from contracts.  

Compliance review

Increase productivity and respond faster to critical, business decision-making by automating the extraction of key provisions in a compliance review. Improve the scope and quality of reviews allowing the business to avoid risks and take opportunities. 


Empower organizations with intelligence regarding business risks, enabling them to make well-informed decisions enabling them to make more informed decisions with accurate and reliable information that expedite remediation efforts.

Services and Partnerships

Professional services

Our Contract Intelligence expert professionals partner and support our clients to expedite their projects, train and develop superusers, and build an internal center of excellence.

Our partners

From systems integrators that deliver architecture and solution design, technical deployment, and data modeling, to legal expertise for clause sampling and rules creation, our trusted delivery partners are ready to help.

Third party integrations

Seamlessly connect with our pre-built third-party integrations to a wide and growing range of document automation, workflow, process automation, expertise automation, and document repository systems.

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