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Transforming document management in our quest for legal excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal practice, efficient document management stands as a foundation for success. The integration of iManage Cloud within our law firm has profoundly impacted productivity, continuity, and intellectual property preservation.

As a leading law firm, Lefosse operations heavily rely on meticulous document management and storage. Traditional methods often posed challenges in terms of accessibility, version control, and collaboration, prompting the exploration of modern solutions like those offered on the iManage Cloud platform.

Comprehensive training and dedicated support facilitate a seamless transition

Our team adapted to the platform's intuitive interface within a short timeframe. The user-friendly interface of iManage Work in the Cloud requires minimal training, enabling fast adoption across all levels of proficiency. Efficient search functionalities empower users to locate documents swiftly, significantly reducing time spent on manual searches.

We also found that using iManage Cloud fosters collaboration among team members, enabling real-time sharing of documents and feedback. And with our documents securely stored in the cloud, access is no longer restricted by physical location or device, empowering our team to work efficiently from anywhere. 

The platform's workflow automation features have reduced manual tasks, allowing our team to allocate more time to substantive legal work. In addition, the versioning capabilities in iManage Work ensure that all team members work with the latest version of a document, minimizing errors and confusion.

Fostering a culture of centralized document storage and collaboration

Lefosse encourages all employees to save documents on iManage, fostering a culture of centralized document storage and collaboration. Cloud-based storage ensures continuity of projects even when employees transition out of the office, preserving project integrity and knowledge. Using iManage also aids in developing and maintaining the firm's intellectual property — the documents crafted by our legal team — thus nurturing innovation and knowledge retention.

In conclusion, the integration of iManage within our law firm has transformed document management, unlocking new levels of productivity and efficiency while ensuring project continuity and intellectual property preservation. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, iManage has become an important tool in our quest for legal excellence.


About Lefosse
As an award-winning full-service law firm, Lefosse offers a complete range of services in all areas of law to national and international clients. The advice we provide stems from our partnership with our clients and deep knowledge of their business.

Docwise, an iManage partner, specializes in Document Management, including software implementation services, consulting, training, and support of solutions aimed at Content Management in legal departments, law, and accounting firms, among others.

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