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Very few industries have been untouched by digital transformation. Accelerated by the pandemic, organizations have to manage a rising volume of digital documents and information, which is a particularly acute challenge for legal professionals, who spend 95% of their day working with documents and email. And why 74% of the law departments intend to address this challenge by “Driving internal efficiency in the delivery of legal services/practice of law”, according to a recent Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker Legal Department Operations (LDO) Index.

Managing large volumes of complex and often sensitive documents is a core function of law firms and legal teams, making this activity a prime candidate for finding that efficiency. Still, it brings unique requirements for the secure use and accessibility of these documents and particular needs around workflow and collaboration. 

These requirements suggest why firms that responded to the same Thomson Reuters research stated that the next highest priority is using technology to simplify those processes. Recognition of the productivity advantage that law firms and legal departments can gain by adopting modern document management.

To guide organizations in how they might realize that advantage, drawing on our experience of serving one million professionals at more than 2,500 law firms and 1,200 corporate legal and enterprise customers, we have created an extensive whitepaper that steps through how law departments can work smarter and be more productive by adopting modern document management.

The paper explores how modern document management adds value to a law firm or legal department, not only through the increased productivity and efficiency identified above but also how it adds value to the user, the information itself, through intelligent metadata, while maintaining the security and governance that is essential for an organization entrusted with the confidentiality of processing sensitive legal documents.

If your firm or legal team is looking for that productivity boost, you can download your copy here.

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