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iManage now connects seamlessly to Salesforce

David Moseley

We have had a busy summer and one of the more exciting launches we had was the iManage integration for Salesforce, powered by AdvoLogix. 

The new integration, available and supported through iManage, allows users at law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector organizations to access their iManage workspaces, folders, documents, and emails – right from within their Salesforce platform — eliminating the friction of switching between two different environments. 

iManage partnered with AdvoLogix, a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise legal management solutions for law firms, legal departments, and government agencies, to help create a seamless connection between iManage document and email management and the Salesforce platform. 

A gamechanger for professionals who spend large portions of their day within Salesforce

The benefits to the end user, who can work where they're most comfortable, are huge. Users accustomed to working within the Salesforce platform, especially those in the public sector and corporations, now have iManage functionality right where they need it instead of exiting their Salesforce workflow to securely access contracts, legal agreements, and other key documents. 

Users will now be able to map directly from the Salesforce platform to selected iManage workspaces or folders and navigate their content with a simple click. Uploading and saving documents or folders is accomplished via intuitive drag-and-drop or quick dialog options.  

Spot the opportunity, bring the platforms together, help the customer

Dan Bellopede, Chief Revenue Office for AdvoLogix, shared the origin of this new user-centric development: 

“Prior to us developing the solution together, customers had a really hard time working in one area. Our customers would work inside of Salesforce and iManage customers would work inside of iManage, two great systems, but they were not working together, or they were not working together well.” 

“Through our collaboration with iManage, we really took our time and developed this integration so our customers can have a seamless end-user experience. Whether they're working in iManage, or they're working in Salesforce, they work where they want to work. And then we seamlessly integrate the two systems, most importantly, without our customers losing any functionality.” 

A single source of truth, a wealth of opportunity for your institutional knowledge

Companies looking to streamline the technology stack inside of their organization can now deliver an experience where users have one single source of truth to get all the information they need. As well as being able to handle the entire lifecycle of a matter or case, the integration gives users access to fantastic reporting dashboards and all the data they require, whenever they need it, empowering them to make intelligent decisions based on data. 

At ConnectLive 2022, where AdvoLogix was a sponsor, attendees were able to see these core capabilities in action: 

  • Map directly from the Salesforce platform to selected iManage workspaces or folders  

  • Navigate iManage workspaces, folders, and content with a simple click

  • Upload and save documents or folders via drag-and-drop or quick dialog 

  • And much more! 

The app is fully compliant with all Salesforce security and compliance requirements and is available from and supported by iManage. To learn more, our webinar showcases the integration and provides some excellent demonstrations of the workflow and use cases. You can watch it again here and also read our data sheet.  

About the author

David Moseley

Director of Strategic Alliances