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Customer success in 2022 and beyond

Natalie Alesi

Like many people, we at iManage have a new year’s resolution. Our mission? An even greater commitment to strategic partnership through programs focused on customer value and outcome achievement.

We have always put our customers first, but now, we’re weaving it more deeply into the fabric of how we operate by further investing in resources and targeted programs entirely dedicated to your experience and success. 

What is customer success?

Customer success is the practice of helping our customers achieve their desired outcomes through their experience with us. In short, it is exactly what it sounds like—we want you, our customers, to succeed with our technology! You may have already encountered one of our existing customer success initiatives in the form of our customer feedback or implementation retrospective surveys. These surveys are essential to helping us understand your experience with us, but alone they are not enough. That’s why we’re re-invigorating our customer success team to ensure every customer can accomplish their goals and obtain value when it comes to our solutions.

How do I benefit from iManage customer success? 

Customer success is different from (but complementary to!) our outstanding technical support. Rather than troubleshoot technical issues, your customer success representative is your strategic partner throughout the lifetime of your solution. We support you with user adoption, training, and generally getting the most value possible from your iManage investment, both now and as your organization grows. Our dedicated team is focused on building strong relationships with our customers, so we can better understand how to help you accomplish your desired outcomes and consistently benefit from your iManage services.

What can I expect next? 

In 2022, we are laying the groundwork of our unique customer success program. If you’re onboarding with us, you’ll be working with your dedicated customer success representative to define and achieve your goals while we partner with you to ensure adoption. In addition, our team is developing success plans and piloting business value reviews with select customers, as well as producing business outcome-specific webinars. We are also looking to develop more Help Center resources for a variety of user types, not just technical administrators.

iManage customers are global, and so is our customer success team. We have representatives located in all our regions across the world. And we’re continuing to invest in highly skilled customer success representatives over the next few years.

More broadly, iManage as a whole has become an organization obsessed with supporting our customers. The satisfaction of our customers isn’t solely the responsibility of the success team. We aim for everyone at iManage to be customer-focused, no matter their role.

Our investment in customer success isn’t just a goal for 2022—it is our on-going commitment to you. When you succeed, we succeed!

About the author

Natalie Alesi

Natalie has 20+ years of legal and technology experience in both customer-facing and senior leadership roles. She specializes in building and executing customer success initiatives.