Security Policy Manager

Secure critical content across multiple repositories with need-to-know security access, without affecting productivity or performance.

Secure and protect sensitive information 

iManage Security Policy Manager allows organizations to enforce need-to-know security and information barriers at scale to meet the growing needs of client, regulatory, and company obligations without sacrificing user productivity and system performance — from an intuitive, role-based interface with anywhere, anytime access. Our group security policy allows administrators to set access based on profile hierarchy.

Minimize organizational risk

Segmenting critical content helps minimize the impact of a cyber breach by limiting data exposure.

Eliminate performance issues

Security updates applied efficiently to remove challenges associated with administrating policies at scale.


Easy to understand

Client, project, or matter centricity removes the need to interpret overlapping information barriers.

Control access, anywhere and anytime

The intuitive role-based interface ensures security policies can be managed and monitored on any device from any location.

Secure knowledge curation

Granular and flexible policy models foster knowledge innovation whilst respecting company security mandates.

Remove process bottlenecks

Reduce the burden on IT and risk teams by delegating security policy management to authorized users.

Using Security Policy Manager

Learn more in this set of videos and see how iManage Security Policy Manager can help you

Security Policy Manager Benefits 

Seamless platform integration

Single vendor solution that delivers comprehensive security policy management to meet increasing demands:

  • Establish, adjust, and remove security policies without access control cascades, document re-files, or content re-indexing.
  • Search large workspaces without impacting performance.

Adaptable access requests

Granular and flexible access controls to suit any request:

  • Configurable to follow Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) or company mandates.
  • Access after reviewing by authorized users.
  • Break-Glass – instant access granted for a limited time.

Comprehensive security framework

Deploy “need-to-know” policies to secure information by department, function, project, or matter

  • Delegation removes central IT and service desk bottlenecks.
  • Self-maintaining rules help automate processes.
  • Collections allow grouping using descriptive metadata tags.

Powerful reporting drives compliance

Extensive auditing and reporting capability to satisfy the most stringent request

  • Automatically generated for any given date range.
  • Removes uncertainty with no back-door unaudited access to content.
  • Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) compatible insider reports.

Safeguarding your sensitive information

A comprehensive, layered approach to security keeps sensitive documents and emails safe from external threat actors and internal misuse. Discover the many ways that iManage protects what matters to your business.

Security Policy Manager Key Features

  • Security and governance built into the fabric of the knowledge platform to protect all content.

  • Extensible REST API and agent framework broadens the reach of Security Policy Manager to support new systems.

  • Options allow assistants to follow timekeepers to enable automatic enforcement of access rights and exclusions.

  • Visual cues in iManage Work and Records Manager clients clearly indicate security policies, eliminating access ambiguity.

  • The end-user console allows knowledge workers an "at-a-glance" view of the highly sensitive projects they are authorized to work on.

  • Email policies defined in Security Policy Manager can be enforced by partner products.

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