Deliver new insights and increase business value using AI to identify and extract information from legal documents.

Extract data locked in documents with extract solutions

Organizations perform better and make more informed decisions when they have an accurate understanding of their position and most salient points in their documents. iManage Extract uses AI to automate the extraction of critical data points, creating structured data that enhances the quality of the services you provide.

Increase productivity

Review a greater number of documents and focus on value-creating tasks rather than mundane document processing tasks.

Improve quality

Mitigate human error and measure and improve accuracy through quality assurance workflows and an auditable process.

Reduce cost

Get information for analysis into the right hands faster by streamlining and automating document processing tasks.

Decrease lead time

Make faster, more informed business decisions by quickly identifying risks and opportunities.

Reduce risk

Make accurate decisions with the confidence that all the right data and information has been assessed.

Perform better

Share learnings and extracted information to ensure a fast, informed response to changing conditions.

Contract Intelligence

iManage Extract powers Contract Intelligence, a solution that combines AI and search to improve visibility into legal risk within your contracts, allowing legal teams to do what they do best, and providing insight into business and contractual risk to make better business decisions.

iManage Extract Screen

Extract Key Features


  • Collect
    Connect to Work 10 and other document repositories or simply upload documents using drag and drop.

  • Cluster and classify
    Use machine learning to cluster and classify documents based on content.

  • Extract
    Identify key information from documents through our extensive Extractor Library or use the Extractor Toolbox to easily train new extractors.

  • Workflow
    Create workflows to manage training, review, and quality assurance processes.

  • Search and export
    Conduct bulk searches and connect to external systems to export data, create dashboards, and populate documents.

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