Close commercial real estate deals more quickly and securely with iManage Closing Folders.


Automate repetitive, error-prone tasks in deal closings to reduce risk and improve client service delivery with the right commercial real estate transaction management software.

Enjoy real-time visibility

Real estate transactions involve many, many parties. With Closing Folders, you have a clear picture of the status of every step of the process and who is responsible for which piece. Reduce delays and ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle—no matter how many people are involved.  

Ditch the paper

Real estate closings done the old-fashioned way are an accident waiting to happen. Ensuring that the numerous required signatures are gathered and filed appropriately is no easy task and mistakes are bound to be made. Closing Folders allows you to complete your deals digitally for improved efficiency and minimized mistakes.

Improve deal security

Paper closings can also put you at risk for a security leak if a confidential file gets lost or stolen. Unlike closings done on paper, Closing Folders is equipped with comprehensive security and governance, including need-to-know protections and a full audit trail.

Closing books

Create professional-looking closing books within minutes, not weeks, of finishing the deal.

Signature management

Collect the needed signatures securely and virtually. No pens required.

Task visibility

Know the status of every open task, signature, and revision with powerful checklist functionality.

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