Close finance deals faster and impress clients with iManage Closing Folders.


Automate repetitive, error-prone tasks in deal closings to reduce risk and improve client service delivery with the right banking transaction management software.

Complete deals on time and stay compliant

Laws change all the time – especially if your deal expands across borders. Deal closings can be complex, and mistakes will only delay the process. By simplifying the process and reducing your risk of errors, Closing Folders makes it easier to ensure that your deals are both timely and compliant.

Meet client expectations

Give your clients a better closing experience with Closing Folders. Instead of time-consuming couriers and ink signatures, share documents and collect signatures digitally for a secure, smooth, modern closing transaction process that’s sure to impress.

Gain the competitive edge

Competition in banking and finance is fierce. Retain and attract clients by building a reputation of being cutting edge and easy to do business with during the most critical portion of any deal — closing.

Closing books

Create professional-looking closing books within minutes, not weeks, of finishing the deal.

Signature management

Collect the needed signatures securely and virtually. No pens required.

Task visibility

Know the status of every open task, signature, and revision with powerful checklist functionality.

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