iManage Cloud

Every organization can be more agile, productive, and secure by providing a modern user experience in the iManage Cloud.

Cloud Platform for Knowledge Work

The iManage Cloud empowers knowledge workers to collaborate and be productive from anywhere, on any device, safely and securely. Our unique cloud platform delivers against our clients' need for security, reliability, and performance — reducing cost and complexity while increasing business agility.

Performance that drives adoption

Engineered to deliver a better, faster user experience.

Security for vital information

Comprehensive cloud security built on Zero Trust architecture.

Enhanced business agility

Highly scalable and extensible to match your business requirements.

Improved efficiency

Removes the cost and complexity of managing on-premises systems.

Top 5 considerations when moving to the cloud 

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iManage Cloud Key Features

  • Industry-leading uptime and performance.

  • Comprehensive built-in security protections.

  • Zero Trust security model for the highest level of protection.

  • Resilient and highly available cloud architecture.

  • Real-time transparency and uptime reporting through our Trust Center.

  • Proven tools, processes, and partners to help customers transition to iManage Cloud.

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By the numbers 


% uptime


regional data centers for global coverage


in-region data processing respecting residency requirements