ReFiler enables your firm to refile documents to the correct locations based on iManage Work metadata and templates. This product moves orphan documents sitting in the flat space into the appropriate workspace folder matching selected metadata values.

Unique differentiators/features

File documents from the flatspace or file selected documents based on any criteria; Locate WorkSpaces and folders to be filed based on matching metadata; Additionally file to appropriate template folders based on a combination of criteria; Update document metadata and security to match their newly filed locations; Merge, update, or reset metadata when it differs between the filed document and its filing location; Automatically create a default filing folder when a matching folder cannot be located; ReFiler can automatically move documents to their correct location based on the metadata on the document; ReFiler can be configured to file only documents that are not currently in folders, without affecting documents that have already been filed; When a document is refiled to a particular folder, it can have its metadata and/or security updated with varying levels of granularity.

Licensing model:

Per User In Tiers

Target Market:

All Firms With IManage Work, Power Users, Administrative Staff

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RBRO Solutions Inc.

RBRO Solutions Inc.

A premiere iManage partner for over 15 years and trusted globally by over 400,000 business users, RBRO Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations get the greatest value from their business content and work processes by extending the power of their iManage Work solution. With over 700 iManage engagements, RBRO applies best practices and know-how to simplify iManage implementations, upgrades and migrations. RBRO can transform how organizations get work done with adoptable and scalable improvements in business efficiency and agility—that integrate seamlessly across corporate systems—adding value to the iManage Work solution, enabling you to decrease your overall cost of ownership by simplifying tasks and empowering users.