Using Security Policy Manager

Watch these videos and see how iManage Security Policy Manager can help you

Learn about Security Policy Manager

Watch this video series showing how to handle a new lateral, securing a client, and securing a highly sensitive matter using iManage Security Policy Manager.

Departmental Security

This video demonstrates how to set up practice group or departmental security using iManage Security Policy Manager collections.

Securing a Client

How to secure a Client to align with their Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG). Including how to set up the need-to-know security and delegate security responsibility.

Securing a Highly Sensitive Matter

How to set up need-to-know security for a highly sensitive matter using iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM).


Handling a New Lateral

How to use iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM) to handle incoming laterals and the conflicts of interest that they might bring along with them.

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